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Visitors: Please read this before using this site (Also see Disclaimer)

The purpose of is to assist environmental professionals in Canada to efficiently access relevant environmental information. However, users are responsible for determining when advice or professional assistance from an environmental consultant, lawyer, or government official, for example, should be acquired. (see our Environmental Marketplace for listings) takes care to list reliable sources of information on the internet (such as government and association websites), however it is the responsibility of the user to assess the information obtained from various sources online for relevance and accuracy. For example, an article is only as current as the date that it was written.

How to find the information that you’re looking for on Canadian
Information is organized into numerous sections on We try to minimize duplication between sections, therefore please check all relevant sections when looking for information. For example, if you are looking for legislation and guidelines relevant to the chemical industry in Quebec, you may find relevant information in the Canada, Quebec, and Municipal subsections within Legislation; the ‘Chemical’ subsection in Industry Info; the News section; and any of the subsections of interest within Enviro Topics.

Note: Links to federal, provincial / territorial, and municipal legislation and related documents provided online by government departments across Canada are provided for convenience only in the Legislation section. Be aware that each government department updates their legislation at different intervals (e.g., monthly; quarterly; yearly) and as a rule, only the hard copy of legislation purchased from the government department is considered to be the official version. Links to the government department websites that provide the legislation online for each jurisdiction are provided within each of the Legislation subsections as well.

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