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News Archive - Nova Scotia
2001 and 2002

Now online: Department of Environment and Labour Annual Accountability Report for the Fiscal Year 2001-2002, September 2002 (pdf format)

2003 Environmental Leadership Program, Press Release December 23, 2002

New Policy Improves Clean Up of Home Oil Spills, Press Release December 13, 2002

New Rules Set for Underground Gas Storage, Press Release December 10, 2002

Environment Funding Announced for Farmers, Press Release December 7, 2002

Latest School Water Test Results, Press Release December 5, 2002

Province Extends Agreement with Nature Conservancy, Press Release December 5, 2002

Joint Statement by Ministers of Energy and Environment (Re: Climate Change), Press Release November 19, 2002

Status of Nova Scotia Wild Plant Species Assessed, Press Release November 14, 2002

Native Plants Dressing Up Roadsides, Press Release October 29, 2002

Consultation Starts on Tobeatic Plan, Press Release October 25, 2002

Celebrate a Decade of Success During Waste Reduction Week, Press Release October 18, 2002

Minister Calls for Clear Path on Kyoto, Press Release October 18, 2002

Province Releases Drinking Water Strategy, Press Release October 17, 2002
Click Here to view the document "A Drinking Water Strategy for Nova Scotia" (pdf format)

Workable Plan Needed for Kyoto , Press Release October 9, 2002

Minister Leads Nova Scotians at Caribbean Environment Conference, Press Release October 7, 2002

Emergency Management Exercise, Press Release September 27, 2002

Nova Scotia Adds to Endangered Species List, Press Release September 26, 2002

Energy Department Launched, Press Release September 24, 2002

Memo of Understanding, Environmental Education Partnership, Press Release September 10, 2002

Woodlot Owner of the Year Field Days, Press Release August 30, 2002

Working Today for a Cleaner Future, Press Release August 27, 2002

Results of First School Water Tests for Radionuclides Announced, Press Release August 22, 2002

Response to Canada's Oceans Strategy, Press Release July 12, 2002

Department Continues to Address Water Needs, Press Release July 5, 2002

Government, Realtors Sign Environment Agreement, Press Release July 4, 2002

Nova Scotia Signs Agriculture Agreement, Press Release June 27, 2002

Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Renewed Canada/Nova Scotia Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Aquaculture, Press Release June 18, 2002

Nova Scotia's Solid Waste Success Continues to Attract Worldwide Attention, Press Release June 17, 2002

Government Advisory Group to Monitor School Drinking Water Tests, Press Release June 14, 2002

2002 Woodlot Owner of the Year Chosen, Press Release June 5, 2002

Lunenburg Pollution Prevention Pilot for Province, Press Release May 31, 2002

New Waste Management Program for Provincial Parks, Press Release May 13, 2002

Architecture Exhibits Showcase Talent and Environmental Responsibility, Press Release April 30, 2002

National Forest Week, Press Release April 30, 2002

National Wildlife Week, Press Release April 9, 2002

Notes for an Address by The Honourable David Anderson, P.C., M.P. Minister of the Environment on the Occasion of the Minister's Regional Visit - Halifax, Nova Scotia, April 2, 2002

Government Protecting Water Safety, Press Release March 28, 2002

Fencing Assistance for Livestock Producers, Press Release March 28, 2002

Department Holds Third Annual Woodlot Seminars, Press Release March 22, 2002

Conference Addresses Agricultural Water Issues in Nova Scotia, Press Release March 22, 2002

Conference Addresses Agricultural Water Issues in Nova Scotia, Press Release March 22, 2002
"Water management issues affecting agriculture in Nova Scotia will be discussed at the Scotia Water Management Conference in Coldbrook next week, March 26 and 27."

Nova Scotia Hosts Water Experts from Prairies, Press Release March 21, 2002

Environmental Excellence Award For Nova Scotia, Press Release March 13, 2002

Nova Scotia Environmental Champions Honoured, Press Release February 28, 2002

Paint Recycling Program Announced, Press Release February 28, 2002

Nova Scotia's Climate Change, Press Release February 27, 2002

Gulf of Maine Council Annual Awards Ceremony, Press Release February 26, 2002

Aquaculture Development Approved at St. Ann's Harbour, Cape Breton, Press Release February 21, 2002

The Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps is seeking partners to work on community-based environmental projects during the summer of 2002, Press Release February 8, 2002

Domestic Fuel Oil Spill Policy and Domestic Fuel Oil Spill Policy Fact Sheet, posted February 2, 2002
"Written comments on the policy will be accepted until March 2, 2002"

Wildlife Habitat and Watercourse Regulations, Press Release January 11, 2002

Nominations Open for Woodlot Owner of the Year, Press Release January 4, 2002

Environmental Leadership Program Seeking Participants for 2002, Press Release December 20, 2001

New Agreement Targets Environmental Training, Press Release November 30, 2001

Nova Scotia Ahead of Road Salt Announcement, Press Release November 30, 2001

Wildlife Habitat and Watercourses Protection Regulations, Press Release November 16, 2001

Changes Made to the Wildlife Act, Press Release November 13, 2001

Underground Hydrocarbons Storage Act, Press Release November 9, 2001

Cleanup Preparations Proceed at Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens Site, Press Release November 8, 2001

Environmental Industry Development Agreement Signed, Press Release October 19, 2001

Habitat Conservation Fund, Press Release October 16, 2001

Car Bags Help Tourists Recycle, Press Release July 31, 2001

Nova Scotia Adds to Endangered Species List, Press Release July 9, 2001

N.S. Energy Forum to be Broadcast Live on Internet, Press Release June 13, 2001

Launch of Climate Change Centre, Press Release June 6, 2001

Education Centre Showcases New Web Site, Press Release May 30, 2001
"The goal of this project is to promote forest sustainability by improving access to our forestry education programs," said Natural Resources Minister Ernest Fage. "The more people learn about our forest and how it is managed, the more likely they are to make wise decisions about how they use it."

Premier to Host “Open to the World” Energy Forum, Press Release May 24, 2001
"The Government of Nova Scotia is holding an energy forum and roundtable next month in Halifax. The events will bring together people with regional, national and international energy-related expertise as part of the current process to develop a new energy strategy for the province. Approximately 175 people have been invited to attend the forum at Saint Mary's University on Thursday, June 14."

Golf Courses Bettering Environment Measures, Press Release May 10, 2001
"Golf courses in Nova Scotia will be preparing an environmental management systems manual, it was announced today.

This self-assessment manual, developed jointly by the Atlantic Golf Superintendents Association (AGSA) and the provincial Department of Environment and Labour, will cover topics such as water use, conservation, pesticide use, and protection of wildlife and naturalized areas."

Energy Strategy Workshops Announced, Press Release April 20, 2001
"The Nova Scotia government is moving ahead with the next step in the development of a long-term energy strategy for the province.

Robert Fournier has been appointed to lead public discussion at a series of workshops throughout the province. These workshops are an important component of the government's broad consultation process, which also includes public submissions and regional meetings with stakeholders."

First Report on Status of Wild Species Released, Press Release April 19, 2001
"Natural Resources Minister Ernest Fage today released the first Internet-based report and searchable database on the General Status of Wild Species in Nova Scotia. The report presents important information on plants and animals that will help in conservation and resource planning."

Amendments to Scalers Act Introduced, Press Release April 17, 2001
"Natural Resources Minister Ernest Fage has introduced several amendments to the Scalers Act that will improve the way wood volume is measured in the Nova Scotia forest sector."

Final Version of The On-site Sewage Disposal Technical Guidelines Available, April 3, 2001

Sewage Discussion Paper Released, Press Release March 30, 2001
"Environment and Labour Minister David Morse today released the government's sewage-management discussion paper, titled We All Have a Part to Play."

"Distribution of the discussion paper will begin the week of April 2. Public-consultation sessions will commence the week of May 2 and will continue through the end of June."

Minister Urges Participation, Press Release March 30, 2001
"But the fact is many people and many places in Nova Scotia have septic systems that aren't working right. Others live in places where their sewage is going straight into the ocean or where their treatment plants need to be brought up to today's standards."

"The Nova Scotian Department of Environment and Labour has just released a discussion paper on this very important topic."

New Onshore Drilling Rules Take Effect, Press Release March 30, 2001
"New regulations to govern onshore drilling for oil and gas in Nova Scotia have been approved by the provincial government.

Gordon Balser, Minister responsible for the Petroleum Directorate, says the new rules come into effect as the onshore part of the industry has started to attract a lot of new activity."

Energy Discussion Paper, Press Release March 28, 2001
"The provincial government is asking Nova Scotians to take a close look at future energy needs and opportunities. As part of the process to develop a revised energy strategy, the government has released a discussion paper titled Powering Nova Scotia's Economy."

Department Offers Wood and Wildlife Seminars, Department of Natural Resources, Press Release March 13, 2001
"The Department of Natural Resources will be holding three, one-day seminars titled Wood and Wildlife on Your Woodlot between March 31 and April 21."

Safe Sharps Disposal Protects Workers, Environment and Labour, Press Release March 6, 2001
"Recycling and waste workers in Nova Scotia can breathe easier now, knowing their chances of getting stuck by a syringe have gone way down. The protection will result from a program, launched today, designed to keep needles and syringes out of recycling and garbage bags."

Clear Ice and Snow from Outdoor Oil Tanks, Environment and Labour, Press Release February 24, 2001
"Department staff have received an increasing number of reports of oil spills caused by ice buildups or falling ice breaking fuel lines."

Minister Welcomes New Association, Department of Natural Resources, Press Release February 1, 2001
"The act establishing a professional foresters association in Nova Scotia officially took effect today.

The Foresters Association Act outlines the administration, eligibility requirements and standards for the Registered Professional Foresters Association of Nova Scotia."

Departments Urge Homeowners to Test Well Water, Press Release January 25, 2001
"For people on private wells, the only way to make sure your water is bacteria-free is to test it regularly."

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