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News Archive - Prince Edward Island
2001 and 2002

Blueberry Growers Adopting Integrated Pest Management, Press Release December 19, 2002

Minister Deighan Takes Concerns of Island Fishers to Federal Minister, Press Release December 3, 2002

Minister Pleased to See Short-Term Compromise on Herring Seiner Issue, Press Release October 22, 2002

Islanders Reminded of Changes Affecting Oil Tank Installation, Press Release October 11, 2002

New Incentive Program for Woodlot Owners, Press Release October 4, 2002

Thibault and Deighan Sign Fish Habitat Agreement, Press Release September 26, 2002

Pharmacies Accepting Old Mercury Thermometers, Press Release September 26, 2002

Department Receives Results of Water Sample Analysis, Press Release August 2, 2002

Minister Releases Roadside Litter Survey Report, Press Release July 16, 2002

Islanders Honoured for Environmental Efforts, Press Release June 11, 2002

Minister Launches Litter Awareness Campaign, Press Release June 5, 2002

New Initiatives for Provincial Forests, Press Release June 4, 2002

Department Supports New Forestry Cooperative, Press Release May 21, 2002

On-Farm Conservation Program Announced, Press Release May 8, 2002

Department Sees Reduction In Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Press Release April 17, 2002

Provincial Hazardous Material (Hazmet) Team, Press Release April 11, 2002

Climate Change Theme for National Wildlife Week 2002, Press Release April 5, 2002

Ministers Review Progress on East Coast Fisheries Issues, Press Release March 22, 2002

Minister Calls for Nominations -- 2002 Environmental Awards, Press Release March 21, 2002

Testing Reveals Mercury Levels Low, Press Release March 14, 2002

Provincial Laboratory Processes Record Number of Water Samples, Press Release March 13, 2002

Minister Pleased With Progress On Climate Change, Press Release February 28, 2002

Minister Announces Results of Beverage Container Review, Press Release February 15, 2002

Province Will Not Issue Groundwater Irrigation Permits, Press Release February 13, 2002

Minister Reminds Homeowners of Dangers of Wet Snow, Press Release February 11, 2002
"The Department of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Environment is advising Island homeowners to take steps to protect outside oil tanks."

Keep Oil Tanks and Fuel Lines Clear of Snow and Ice, Press Release January 23, 2002

PEI to Host Aquaculture Canada 2002, Press Release January 21, 2002

Producer Uses Sun To Help Water Livestock, Press Release January 16, 2002

Provincial Forest Council Established, Press Release December 18, 2001

Minister Provides Update on Water Strategy, Press Release December 12, 2001

Province Releases Climate Change Plan, Press Release December 4, 2001

North Cape Wind Farm Officially Opens, Press Release November 16, 2001

"Don't Be An Oil Spill Statistic" Minister Cautions, Press Release November 14, 2001

Minister Calls For Changes in Herring Management Plan, Press Release November 11, 2001

New Investments in Sustainable Agriculture, Press Release November 8, 2001

Islander Receives Award of Excellence, Press Release November 6, 2001

Conservation Clubs Will Produce Good Soil Management Practices, Press Release October 25, 2001

Minister Announces Toll-Free Hotline For Wildlife Concerns, Press Release July 20, 2001

Province Announces Drinking Water Strategy, Press Release June 20, 2001

Setting The Standard For Home Heat Tank Safety

Islanders Honoured for Commitment to Environment, Press Release June 12, 2001

The Winds Of Prince Edward Island To Provide Green Power, Press Release June 1, 2001

Minister Signs Canada-Wide Standards, Press Release May 3, 2001
"Minister of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Environment Chester Gillan signed the Canada-Wide Standards at a meeting of the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment in Manitoba this week. Ministers ratified standards for mercury-containing lamps, dioxins and furans, and petroleum hydrocarbons in soil, and agreed in principle to phase two of the standard for benzene."

Minister Calls For Nominations - 2001 PEI Environmental Awards To Be Presented In June, Press Release March 26, 2001
"Minister of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Environment Chester Gillan has called for nominations for the 2001 Prince Edward Island Environmental Awards."

Ministers Release Booklet on Agricultural Waste Management, Press Release February 27, 2001
"The Island agriculture community has a valuable new resource to help producers maximize the return from on-farm waste, while minimizing its impacts on the environment."

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