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News Archive - Nova Scotia

Enhanced Wood Salvage Program Announced, Press Release December 8, 2004

Nature Reserve Lands More Than Doubled, Press Release December 8, 2004

Province Promotes Wind Energy, Press Release November 2, 2004
"More than 100 business and community leaders are attending a conference today, Nov. 2, and Wednesday, Nov. 3, at White Point Beach Resort in Queens County to learn more about the future of wind energy in Nova Scotia."

New Electricity Act Means Cleaner Environment, More Choice, Press Release October 21, 2004

AMEC to Prepare Environmental Impact Statement, Press Release October 3, 2004
"AMEC Earth and Environmental Ltd. has won a contract to prepare the environmental impact statement for the Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens cleanup."

Nominations Sought for Environment Awards, Press Release September 27, 2004
"Nominations are being sought for awards that recognize organizations and individuals who protect marine habitat in the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine."

Atlantic Environment Ministers Meet, Press Release September 13, 2004
"Atlantic Environment ministers have agreed to work together to provide regional leadership and co-ordination on the development of a national wastewater effluent strategy."

Cleanup Agency Gets New Status, Press Release September 10, 2004
"The province has designated the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency as a special operating agency charged with carrying out the $400- million Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens cleanup project announced last May."

Caribbean Potential Market for Environmental Industry, Press Release September 8, 2004

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada: Canada-Nova Scotia Water Supply Expansion Program Now Accepting Applications, Press Release August 19, 2004

The Honourable Stephane Dion, Minister of the Environment, Takes Steps to Protect Beaubassin, Press Release July 26, 2004

2004 Woodlot Owner of the Year Winner Chosen, Press Release July 9, 2004

Real Estate Agents Learn Environmental Stewardship, Press Release July 8, 2004

Independent Report Confirms Success in Waste Reduction, Press Release July 7, 2004

New Water Guides Announced, Press Release July 7, 2004

Nova Scotia Invention Fixes Common Environmental Problem, Press Release July 5, 2004

Proposed Changes to Air Quality Regulations Released, Press Release July 5, 2004

Public Comment Sought on Candidate Wilderness Areas, Press Release June 28, 2004

Public Consultation on Proposed Environment Act Amendments, Press Release June 24, 2004

Habitat Conservation Projects Approved, Press Release June 22, 2004
"Thirteen wildlife conservation projects are approved for funding under the Habitat Conservation Fund, Natural Resources Minister Richard Hurlburt announced today, June 22."

New Guidelines Proposed For Water Haulers, Press Release June 21, 2004

New Website Puts Data on the Map, Press Release June 16, 2004
"A new Internet site launched today, June 16, will make it easier for people to find high quality Nova Scotia geographic data."

Atlantic Energy Ministers Report Significant Progress, Press Release June 7, 2004

HRM Using Project to Help the Environment, Press Release June 1, 2004
"As part of its work, ClimAdapt has recently created a project with the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) that will help the city develop management and planning tools to adapt to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The project, called Climate-SMART (Sustainable Mitigation and Adaptation Risk Toolkit), is a prototype and can be replicated by other communities in Atlantic Canada and across the country."

Cape Breton Man Builds Energy-Saving Home, Press Release May 31, 2004
"Cape Breton resident John Ross had a mission when he built his new home: he wanted to build a house that uses alternative energy. But he achieved much more, including a national award from the federal Department of Natural Resources for the most energy efficient home in Canada in 2004."

A Greener Government, Press Release May 28, 2004
"From heating government buildings with fish oil to buying computer printers that use both sides of paper, the province is doing its part to ensure a cleaner and greener future.

Those efforts are taking centre stage this week (May 30 to June 5) as annual Environment Week activities focus on how Nova Scotians can help protect and sustain our land, air and water."

Simple Tips for Cleaner Air, Press Release May 28, 2004
"Clean Air Day (Wednesday, June 2) is more than just another day on the calendar..."

Tobeatic Management Plan Public Comment Period Extended, Press Release May 19, 2004

Government Approves Tough New Biosolids Rules, Press Release May 13, 2004

Province's First Energy Research and Development Forum, Press Release May 12, 2004

$400 Million Committed for Tar Ponds Cleanup, Press Release by the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency, May 12, 2004

Speaking Notes for the Honourable David Anderson, P.C., M.P., Minister of the Environment - Announcement of Remediation of Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens, May 12, 2004

Canada and Nova Scotia commit $400 Million for Tar Ponds cleanup, Press Release May 12, 2004

Saving Energy, Dollars and Helping the Environment, Press Release May 11, 2004
"The province is using a made-in-Nova Scotia furnace fuel that blends fish oil with petroleum...Mr. Russell also noted the other steps Transportation and Public Works is taking to meet government's Energy Strategy."

Nova Scotia is Model for Safe Drinking Water, Press Release May 10, 2004
"Amherst is one of only five communities in Canada that will be featured in a federal report on good source protection of drinking water."

Co-operation Improves Hazardous Materials Response, Press Release May 5, 2004

Emergency Preparedness Week May 2-8, Press Release May 3, 2004

Government of Canada appoints negotiator for Sydney Tar Ponds, Press Release May 2, 2004

RRFB Nova Scotia Mobius Environmental Awards Celebration, Press Release April 27, 2004
"The Resource Recovery Fund Board (RRFB Nova Scotia) recognized Nova Scotians who have made a significant contribution toward protecting the environment today, April 27, at the sixth annual Mobius Environmental Awards."

Understanding a State of Emergency - Emergency Measures Organization, Press Release April 26, 2004

Comments Sought on Plan for Tobeatic Wilderness Area, Press Release April 23, 2004
The public comment period ends Friday, June 4.

Nova Scotians Celebrate National Wildlife Week, Press Release April 2, 2004

Public Comment Sought on New Biosolids Guidelines, Press Release April 1, 2004

Province Eager To Proceed With Tar Ponds/Coke Ovens Cleanup, Press Release March 25, 2004

Nova Scotia Enviro-Depots Receive Handling Fee Increase, Press Release March 24, 2004

Water Quality Improvements Continue, Press Release March 12, 2004
"Recent reports show that in the last three years, 15 Nova Scotia municipalities have improved their water service for customers by reducing or eliminating the incidence of trihalomethanes (THMs) in their water supplies."

Atlantic Energy Ministers Pleased with Ottawa Support, Press Release March 11, 2004
"Economic development potential of the energy sector and climate change issues highlighted the Atlantic Energy Ministers meeting with federal ministers in Ottawa on Tuesday, March 9. The meeting was a followup to the Sydney Mines conference held in February."

Rubber to Hit Road in Pictou County, Press Release March 10, 2004
"A mix of recycled rubber and asphalt is expected to be laid down on the Granton Road in Pictou County this year as part of a 3.3 kilometre pilot project put forward by Nova Scotia's Department of Transportation and Public Works and Michelin Tire of Canada."

International Environment Delegation Learning from Practice, Press Release March 4, 2004
"Delegates from across Canada and around the world are in Nova Scotia to learn how to get manufacturers to accept responsibility for their products from beginning to end."

New Water and Waste-Water Facility Regulations Proposed , Press Release March 2, 2004

Province Adds To Crown Lands, Press Release March 1, 2004

Final Water Results in for Schools, Press Release March 1, 2004

Environmental Work Exchange in Costa Rica Accepting Applications, Press Release January 23, 2004

Public Consultation on Environmental Initiatives, Press Release January 19, 2004

New Protection for Watershed, Press Release January 19, 2004

Review of Land Application of Sewage and Septage Sludge, Press Release January 16, 2004
"Sewage and septage sludges can no longer be applied to property in Nova Scotia. The Department of Environment and Labour has suspended land application of the sludges until officials complete a review of the approval process for the activity."

Minister Thibault announces Final Public Consultations on Regulations for the Gully Marine Protected Area (MPA), Press Release December 8, 2003

New Designs Save Money, Promote Energy Efficiency, Press Release November 12, 2003
"New design standards in provincial buildings are saving money for taxpayers and reducing greenhouse gas emissions."

More International Attention for Provincial Solid Waste Management System, Press Release November 7, 2003
"A 12-member delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina begins a tour of the province on Monday, November 10th."

Nova Scotia Adds to Endangered Species List, Press Release October 24, 2003

Nova Scotia Business Challenged to Reduce Waste, Press Release October 22, 2003

Water Strategy on Target, Press Release October 17, 2003

Nova Scotians Keep Rolling with Paint Recycling Program, October 13, 2003

Conference Focused on Energy, Security, Jobs and the Environment, Press Release September 9, 2003

Japanese Delegation to Learn The Three "Rs", Press Release August 29, 2003

2003 Woodlot Owner of the Year Chosen, Press Release July 7, 2003

Habitat Conservation Projects Approved, Press Release July 4, 2003

Greenwing Award to Recognize Nova Scotia Wetland Advocates, Press Release July 4, 2003

Teachers Learning New Lessons on the Environment, Press Release July 3, 2003

Staff Win Award for Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle Project, Press Release June 27, 2003

Government Improves Environmental Protection, Press Release June 27, 2003

  • Click Here to Download the Plan: Towards a Sustainable Environment
  • Province Recommitting to Sable Island Environment, Press Release June 18, 2003

    Radionuclide Results in for Schools, Press Release June 5, 2003

    New Pollution Prevention Program for Nova Scotia Businesses, Press Release June 3, 2003

    Blanding's Turtle Habitat Protected, Press Release May 21, 2003

    New Interim Disposal Program for Expired Marine Flares, Press Release May 16, 2003

    National Forest Week Activities in Nova Scotia, Press Release May 1, 2003

    Code of Forest Practice Framework Available for Review, Press Release April 30, 2003

    Nova Scotians are Environmental Champions, Press Release April 22, 2003

    Report Focuses on Renewable Energy, Increased Competition, Press Release April 16, 2003

    Species at Risk Specialty Licence Plate, Press Release April 7, 2003

    Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour has released its 2003/2004 business plan (pdf format), Press Release April 3, 2003

    Residents Reminded to Check Their Drinking Water, Press Release April 1, 2003

    Promise Kept on Clean-up Funding, Press Release March 11, 2003

    N.S. oil test plan draws ire, Globe and Mail article by Kevin Cox, March 7, 2003

    Changes to Forestry Regulations Proposed, Press Release March 6, 2003

    Changes to Regulations for Wind Energy, Press Release March 3, 2003

    Gulf of Maine Council Annual Awards Ceremony, Press Release February 26, 2003

    Sydney residents get say in tar-ponds cleanup, Globe and Mail article by Shawna Richer, February 25, 2003

    Experts Present Cleanup Options, Press Release February 24, 2003

    Nova Scotia Fisheries Minister Raises Concerns, Press Release February 21, 2003

    Promoting Pollution Prevention to Industry in Lunenburg, Press Release February 6, 2003

    Youth Corps Looking for Community Partners, Press Release January 31, 2003

    Province Invests in Service Improvements, Press Release January 30, 2003
    "Environment and Labour is introducing new roles and procedures at its environment offices..."

    Department of Energy Wins Award, Press Release January 30, 2003

    Nominations Sought for 2003 Woodlot Owner of the Year, Press Release January 10, 2003

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