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Water - drinking water
a/ Canada
Community Water Systems, Public Works and Government Services Canada for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality - Supporting Documents, Health Canada

Manual for Conducting Water Audits and Developing Water Efficiency Programs at Federal Facilities, Environment Canada

Publications related to Drinking and Recreational Water, Health Canada

Source to Tap website, Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment

Summary of Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality (pdf format), Prepared by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Environmental and Occupational Health, April 2002

Water Quality Index webpage, Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment
"A water quality index is a means to summarize large amounts of water quality data into simple terms (e.g., good) for reporting to management and the public in a consistent manner. Similar to the UV index or an air quality index, it can tell us whether the overall quality of water bodies poses a potential threat to various uses of water, such as habitat for aquatic life, irrigation water for agriculture and livestock, recreation and aesthetics, and drinking water supplies."


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