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CleanEARTH Solutions Ltd. - Showcase -
178 Pennsylvania Avenue Unit 4
Concord, Ontario
Canada L4K 4B1
Tel: (416) 488-8800

Fax: (416) 913-1610

Contact: Kevin Sharfe, President
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Environmentally Safe Solutions
CleanEARTH Solutions Ltd. delivers environmentally safe industrial cleaning products, bioremediation and disaster relief solutions. Use aggressive cleaners and degreasers, while addressing occupational health, safety and environmental concerns. Clean up your hydrocarbon contaminated soil without costly soil removal.

CleanEARTH products have the highest level of product Certification available under Environment Canada's Environmental Choice Program and from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Product Lines:
Contamination Cleanup, Bioremediation
Cleaning Solutions
Firefighting and Emergency Response

Contamination Cleanup, Bioremediation

CleanEARTH's Enhanced bioremediation process enables a practical on-site clean up of hydrocarbon contamination that avoids the costly alternative of excavating and hauling contaminated soil to landfill. The CleanEARTH Enhanced bioremediation process incorporates a patented combination of surfactants and emulsifiers as well as a proprietary biocatalyst to achieve a more rapid, complete bioremediation. For more information, Click Here.

Cleaning Solutions

CleanEARTH's cleaners/degreasers and organic solvents meet the needs of heavy industry and address the concerns for occupational health, safety and the costs linked with environmental contamination clean-up.

We have an entire line of products that are non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, contain no VOC's and are 100% biodegradable – properties that offer an environmentally responsible solution for cleaning in industrial settings.

CleanEARTH's all-purpose and heavy-duty products can be used for tank cleaning and restoration, parts cleaning, equipment/machinery cleaning and facility maintenance, just to name a few.

High strengh cleaner / degreaser, water-based.

All-purpose cleaner / degreaser, water-based.

Organic solvent degreaser.

Canadian Gold
Gellend organic solvent.
Developed specifically to meet needs of the Canadian tar sands industry.

Spill response with microbes.

Parts Cleaning Maintenance Fluid
Parts Cleaning Maintenance Fluid with Microbes used in Bioremediating Parts Washer

Parts Cleaning Fluid with Microbes
Parts Cleaning Fluid with Microbes used in Bioremediating Parts Washer

Bioremediating Parts Washing Machine

Firefighting and Emergency Response

Spilled hydrocarbons demand careful reaction by first responders, emergency response teams and fire departments. A site involving spilled hydrocarbons often requires thorough remediation. Actions may include: limiting volatility, surface restoration and contamination clean up.

CleanEARTH Solutions Ltd. offers a fire training foam and efficient response solutions, which take into consideration both practical and environmental responsibilities.

Emergency Response Fluid with Microbes

Ambush AB Training Foam
Fire Fighting Training Foam Class A&B

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