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ReNew Absorbents Inc. - Showcase -
5128 Everest Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L4W 2R4
Tel: 905 602-4372

Fax: 905 602-4813

Contact: Donald Redford
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ReNew Absorbents offers users of industrial absorbent socks and pads a reusable alternative. ReNew's absorbents can be reused over 35 times and we also provide the cleaning service and pick-up/delivery infrastructure. Our monthly waste diversion reports confirm the amount of recovered oils and quantify the reduction in plant waste. Our programs are ideal for ISO14001 approved facilities and plants that are required by Reg. 102 to develop a Waste Reduction Plan.

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Program Features and Benefits

1/ Waste Reduction - Traditional disposable absorbents claim to absorb 20 times their own weight. This means a typical box of socks, once saturated, will contribute approximately 250kgs to your in-plant waste stream. ReNew absorbents are not considered waste by the Ministry of the Environment because they are cleaned and returned to you. Because we recover and recycle all of the used oils, it means that virtually all of those 250kgs are eliminated.

2/ Best Management Practice - As you create and implement ISO14001 best management practices, waste reduction goals will be identified and targeted. Our reusable absorbent program immediately eliminates a waste stream in your facility. We will provide you with routine reports documenting weight that would have previously been sent to landfill and litres of recovered oil that will now be recycled.

3/ Managed Program - ReNew Absorbents manages your absorbent program from start to finish. We audit your facility to ensure absorbents are used properly and efficiently, manage your inventory of ReNew absorbents and provide regularly scheduled pick-up and deliveries. Most importantly, we’ll provide you with routine documentation indicating how much waste you have eliminated using the program. These benefits, combined with straightforward contracts and pricing enable you to understand how the Renew program is working for you.

4/ Cost Savings - The cost to purchase disposable absorbents, procure steel drums for disposal and have drums collected and landfilled is significant. ReNew will rent you our absorbents, provide you with steel drums to place in your facility and collect used absorbents on a regular basis. Our all-inclusive rental charges dramatically reduce your costs when compared with using disposable absorbents and landfill costs.

5/ Reduce Liability - Have you audited your waste hauler and the transfer station they use recently? Is your waste contained in the proper drums? Does your dumpster have a proper liner to prevent leakage? The improper transportation and disposal of used absorbents can create liabilities to you, the generator. By eliminating this waste stream, you effectively reduce your liability by sending less materials to landfill and ensuring that absorbed oils are not disposed of, but rather recovered and recycled.

The Products

While traditional, disposable absorbents help contain and clean-up process related leaks and drips, they also contribute significantly to your facility’s waste stream. ReNew reusable absorbent socks, pads, and rolls combine the performance of disposable absorbents with the ability to be cleaned and reused 35 times or more.

ReNew absorbents have superior absorbency and durability while their design considers the rigors of oil extraction, cleaning and multiple uses. Compatible with cutting, hydraulic, and lubricating oils, ReNew absorbents come in convenient sized socks, pads and rolls.

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