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Welcome to the Newsletter.

This is a 100% opt-in newsletter that provides environmental professionals with a Canadian perspective on environmental resources that are available and other topics of interest. This issue is focused on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The September 2004 issue will highlight some of the latest programs, products, and news related to Site Assessment and Remediation.

Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy
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Cinergy Solutions Inc. is your total energy solution provider. From the supply of power, utilities, and other commodities to the optimization of energy usage inside your facility, we have the expertise to meet all your energy needs and improve the way you power your business.


Many government programs have been introduced to promote and support energy efficiency since the Government of Canada ratified the Kyoto Protocol in 2002. A few of the most recent initiatives are highlighted below. Click Here to access extensive resources in the Energy Efficiency section of

Practicing energy efficiency makes good economic sense. Visit the Energy Efficiency category of our Marketplace to access over 100 companies across Canada with products and services that can help you achieve energy savings.

Canada - Energy Efficient Vehicles
At the beginning of each year, Natural Resources Canada Publishes a list of the most fuel-efficient vehicles for that model year. Click Here to find out about the 2004 models.

On July 14, 2004, Discount Car & Truck Rentals announced that it will be adding hybrid electric vehicles to its fleet of rental cars and trucks starting with the 2005 model year. Click Here for more details.

Canada - Energy Efficient Buildings
The Minister of Natural Resources announced in May 2004 that Green-roof technology is eligible under existing funding programs for energy-efficient buildings. The benefits of Green-roofs include energy savings on heating and cooling, less roof maintenance, increased sound insulation, and aesthetic appeal. Click Here for more details.

Canada - Freight Transportation
In April 2004, the Government of Canada announced the new four-year Freight Efficiency Program to support the freight transportation sector in reducing greenhouse gas emissions through a combination of financial incentives, awareness programs and pilot projects. Click Here for more details.

Alberta - Green Buildings
The Alberta Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council was launched in May 2004. A key Canada Green Building Council initiative is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEEDTM). "LEEDTM seeks to develop and promote Canadian products, policies and educational and marketing tools that support sustainable construction practices." Click Here for more details.

BC - Hydro Electric Power
A sales tax exemption for manufactured penstock equipment went into effect on June 27, 2003 to provide small-hydro electric facilities with a similar sales tax treatment as that provided to solar and wind energy projects. Penstock pipe is used to carry water from a water source to turbines at hydroelectric generation plants. Click Here for more details.

Ontario - Energy Consumption Target
In April 2004, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty set a target of reducing Ontario's energy consumption by five per cent by 2007, and reducing the Provincial Government's energy consumption by seven per cent by 2007. Click Here for more details.

Manitoba - Energy Efficiency
The Government of Manitoba announced a new one-stop agency responsible for co-ordinating and consolidating all energy efficiency programs as well as water conservation, waste minimization and transportation demand management programs. Click Here for more details.

Saskatchewan- Energy Efficient Buildings
Under a new policy announced in December 2003, all new projects and renovations with at least 30 per cent government funding must meet a new high energy performance standard, defined as at least 25 per cent better than the Model National Energy Code for Buildings 1997. Click Here for more details.

JETRO's Environment Japan

JETRO's Environment Japan is for foreign companies and organizations in the waste control and recycling technology sector. It is a trade fair within Japan�s largest environmental trade fair called WASTEC. Please note: The application deadline for exhibiting at Environment Japan is August 30, 2004.


Renewable energy includes wind, solar (thermal and photovoltaic), burning biomass or biogas (methane from landfills), hydroelectricity, and geothermal power. Click Here to access extensive resources on these topics on

Although more regulatory and financial tools are needed, there has been an increasing focus on the development of renewable energy and alternative fuels in Canada over the last few years and many new programs, policies, and incentives are being developed. Here are some highlights:

Canada - Fuel Cells
On April 1, 2004, the Government of Canada announced funding to build the world's first 'Hydrogen Highway' allowing people to travel along the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler in fuel-cell-powered vehicles during the Winter Olympics in 2010. Click Here for more details.

Canada - Natural Gas
On May 21, 2004, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) announced the Natural Gas for Vehicles Market Transformation Pilot Project. Up until December 31, 2004, eligible Canadian corporations, individuals and organizations operating natural gas vehicles (NGVS) that are part of a high-fuel-use fleet may receive $3,000 toward the capital cost of buying or leasing a new natural gas vehicle. The NGVs must be operated in specific areas of Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia. Click Here for more details.

Manitoba - Bio-diesel
In November 2003, Manitoba established a Bio-diesel Advisory Council to assist in the investigation and development of bio-diesel for Manitoba. Click Here for more details.

New Brunswick - Wind
NB Power's long-term objective is to acquire 100 MW from renewable energy projects by 2010. On June 18, 2004, NB Power and Eastern Wind Power Inc. announced that the details were being finalized for a 20 MW wind farm at Dark Harbour. Click Here for more details.

Nova Scotia - Renewable Energy
In October 2003, the Electricity Marketplace Governance Committee released its final report recommending that Nova Scotia should generate more power using renewable energy resources. Click Here for more details.

Ontario - Hydroelectric
On june 25, 2004, Ontario Energy Minister Dwight Duncan announced The Niagara Tunnel project that will produce an additional 1.6 terawatt-hours of electricity per year by increasing the amount of water flowing to existing turbines at the Sir Adam Beck Generating Station in Niagara Falls. Click Here for more details.

PEI - Wind
Prince Edward Island now receives five per cent of its electricity from wind energy since eight new wind turbines were added to the North Cape Wind Farm during the past year. Click Here for more details.

Saskatchewan - Wind
It was announced in July, 2004 that an additional 7 wind turbines were added to the Cypress Wind Power Facility to produce a total of 11 megawatts of power. The province now produces a total of 22 megawatts (MW) of electricity from wind. Click Here for more details.

Saskatchewan - Ethanol
The Ethanol Fuel (General) Amendment Regulations and The Ethanol Fuel (Grant) Amendment Regulations came into effect June 9, 2004. The regulations specify that as of May 1st, 2005 automotive gasoline must have a minimum average ethanol content of 2 per cent. The minimum ethanol content rises to 7.5 per cent on November 1, 2005. Click Here for more details.

Husky Energy announced in February 2004, that they intend to proceed with construction of a 130 million litre ethanol facility in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. Click Here for more details.

Quebec - Wind
Nine proposals submitted in response to Hydro-Qu�bec Distribution's RFP to provide 1000 MW of wind-generated electricity energy. The proposals selected will be announced in September 2004. Click Here for more details.

A study prepared for the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) indicates that the province of Quebec has 100,000 MW of wind energy potential within 25 kilometres of existing transmission lines that is economically viable in the short and medium term. Click Here for more details.

International - Solar
The world solar photovoltaic energy market grew 34% in 2003 to 574 Megawatts. Click Here for more details.

View the details of these and other events on our Events Calendar.

Energy Efficiency Awards

August 31, 2004 is the deadline for nominations for the Energy Efficiency Awards.

August 21-25, 2004 SESCI 2004 - 29th Annual Conference of the Solar Energy Society of Canada (Waterloo)

September 5, 2004 19th World Energy Congress (Sydney, Australia)

September 25-28, 2004 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2004 - Conference and Tradeshow (Toronto)

September 28-30, 2004 Canada Power (Toronto)

October 17- 20, 2004 Canadian Wind Energy Association Annual Conference & Tradeshow (Montreal)

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