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Posted by: Laura on 10/18/05 Title: Environmental Assessments
Postnum: 319 EntryID:1492
I was wondering if anyone could give me advise on additional courses and/or certifications on conducting environmental site assessments? I did study this in university but I feel that I need to become more specialized in this field.


Posted by: mike johnston on 10/19/05 Title: Re: Environmental Assessments
Postnum: 319 EntryID:1493
Courses on industrial engineering are helpful in knowing what type of contaminants each industry is likely to leave. Waste management courses could also prove helpful in this area as well as remediation courses to aid in identifying the best ways to clean up what you find. Hydrology and geology courses will help prdict what types of sampling as well as where any existing contamination will go and where it won't. I recently evaluated a property near Toronto that was an island of unspoiled ground surrounded by contamination. This was due to the absence a contaminated aquifer below the property. Other evaluators had passed it by because they didn't realize it was missing. Good luck

Mike J.

Posted by: Cameron W on 5/22/06 Title: Re: Environmental Assessments
Postnum: 319 EntryID:1595
Mike J has most of it... the type of site makes a big difference as to what knowledge is required. For a Phase 1 assessment, mostly research/writing skills with a look into industrial chemistry. For Phase 2, and beyond more and more hydrogeology is necessary to properly assess contaminant travel. The first stage does not generally require a huge amount of education, though it is nice to have a large base of experience/knowledge if you are tackling a non-standard site with contaminants etc. that do not fit the norms.

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