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Posted by: Kai Liu on 3/9/06 Title: recyling of sodium sulphate solution
Postnum: 335 EntryID:1555
my problem is how to recycle the electrolysed Na2SO4 solution used in the stainless steel production line. Here this solution is used for clean the grease on the surface of stainless steel. I'm an engineer and marketing a project in a Stainless steel Co., Ltd in China, this project is how to recycle the solutions of Na2SO4, H2SO4 and HF+HNO3 respectively. If you have the know-how or even the equipment for these, there could be a technic/business cooperation.Your help shall be greatly appreciated. Please contact me by e-mail or by phone call if as a foreign company you have a branch in China.(my CP number is 13917003238)


Posted by: mike johnston on 3/10/06 Title: Re: recyling of sodium sulphate solution
Postnum: 335 EntryID:1556
These may be usable in water treatment systems, specifically systems where hexachrome and oils are present. Commonly H2SO4 is used to lower the pH and break hexachrome down to trivalent chrome. The lowering of the pH seperates intrained oils allowing them to be skimmed off the surface. The last two are more problimatic. The nitric may be usable as a feed stock for nitrate fertilizers, the HF is just a bad actor all around. It is used to etch glass but there may not be a glassworks close by. All these are of course dependent on concentrations and impurities and are just examples of ways that I have seen them recycled in the past. I hope this helps.

Mike J.

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