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Posted by: chuck blyth on 5/1/06 Title: Sodium Cyanide
Postnum: 338 EntryID:1574
What if the Sodium Cyanide (about 40 tons) Has been sitting outside in kegs on pallets covered in plastic since 1982 in an area that does not have road access 100 meters from a river upstream from a national park. Can you dispose of it onsite somehow. Or do you have to build a 135 kl road through a world heritage site.


Posted by: Mike Johnston on 5/4/06 Title: Re: Sodium Cyanide
Postnum: 338 EntryID:1577
Cyanide solutions can be treated onsite and destroyed using strong oxidizers. With the quantity described my guess is that it would be cost efective to set up a water treatment system and batch treat the materials. My experiance with cyanide solutions is from plating and foam reticulation processes. The systems raised the Oxidation Reduction Potential, (ORP), and the CN went to CNO then to CO and NO then to CO2 and N2. Further treatment dropped the C and left you with O2 and N2 and water. A package plant should be transportable to complete this operation.

Mike J.

Posted by: chuck blyth on 5/8/06 Title: Re: Sodium Cyanide
Postnum: 338 EntryID:1585
How much would this cost and who could do this.

Posted by: Talis Forstmanis on 5/12/06 Title: Re: Sodium Cyanide
Postnum: 338 EntryID:1588
Fly it out using a helicopter. Treatment can be simple and inexpensive if you know what to do. Or use commercial waste treatment facility. Some of the material may be usable. Approvals process may be a green tape jungle.

Posted by: Chuck Blyth on 5/15/06 Title: Re: Sodium Cyanide
Postnum: 338 EntryID:1589
The kegs are rusting and may not be stable for transport by helicopter. Can they be repackaged? By Helicopter more than one hour from the nearest road.

Posted by: Talis Forstmanis on 5/15/06 Title: Re: Sodium Cyanide
Postnum: 338 EntryID:1590
Place rusted drums in oversize drums. Bring in/out with helicopter.

Posted by: Mike Johnston on 5/16/06 Title: Re: Sodium Cyanide
Postnum: 338 EntryID:1593
Make sure the containers are ICAO spec. Over packs come in various sizes or you could use Totes if you are comfortable with transfering the solution. It would be a 6.1 poison. Many Hazardous Waste processing companies offer an overpack/repack service as part of the disposal process. I'm not sure who would be available in your area. I have used Safety Kleen for this service. As for costs I would get competitive bids as the last time I did something along these lines I got quotes ranging from $ .35 - $13 per gallon for disposal.

Mike J.

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