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Waste Management / Recycling
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Canadian Recycling Web Site
"The goal of this web site is to promote and enhance recycling in Canada by providing information about metals recycling and recycling in general. A key feature of this site is the new Canadian Metals Recycling Database."

Canadian Waste Materials Exchange (CWME)
This webpage provides information on participating in Environment Canada’s waste exchange that provides a “matching service" between the waste generator and potential users of the waste product. The CWME is based on a bulletin that is mailed to 3,500 companies across Canada that have indicated interest in transferring or receiving waste materials.

Community Solid Waste, Public Works and Government Services Canada for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Environment Canada's (Atlantic Region) Waste Management and Remediation Section

Hazardous Waste Disposal Advice, Environment Canada
“…Environment Canada has a mandated responsibility to provide advice on hazardous waste disposal to other federal departments and crown agencies…�

Hazardous Waste Management in Canada, Environment Canada Backgrounder, 2002

Hazardous Waste webpage, Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment
"The CCME goal for hazardous waste management is a consistent Canada-wide approach to the regulation of hazardous wastes and recyclables. The CCME Hazardous Waste Task Group’s (HWTG) mandate is to identify significant national issues in hazardous waste management requiring a coordinated national approach and to provide guidance to CCME's Environmental Planning and Protection Committee on these issues and/or national guidelines or codes of practice."

National Packaging Protocol 2000 Final Report, Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment

Ocean Disposal, Environment Canada
A website about recycling plastic bags, including a listing of Municipal recycling programs for plastic bags, by the Canadian Plastics Industry Association.

Recycling in Canada, Environment Canada

Recycling Lubricating Oils, Environment Canada

Transboundary Movement Branch Web Site, Environment Canada

Transporting Hazardous Waste, Environment Canada

Waste Management Initiatives, Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME)

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  • 03/29/06

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