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Waste Management / Recycling
k/ Ontario


Ontario Ministry of the Environment website
Information on this website includes:

Corporations Supporting Recycling

Ontario Waste Management Association

Ontario Waste Materials Exchange (OWME)
The OWME is a service designed to facilitate the reuse and recycling of industrial by-product materials.

Stewardship Ontario
As per the ontario Waste Diversion Act, all companies that introduce packaging and printed paper into the Ontario consumer marketplace (“Stewards�) must share in the funding of 50% of Ontario’s municipal Blue Box waste diversion programs. Stewards must register and pay fees to Stewardship Ontario. (see the website for more details and exemptions)

The Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO)

Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) website
"a permanent, non-share non-government corporation created under the Waste Diversion Act on June 27, 2002. WDO was established to develop, implement and operate waste diversion programs for a wide range of materials that include Blue Box Waste, Used Tires, Used Oil Material, Household Special Waste, Electronic Waste, Organic Materials, Pharmaceuticals and Fluorescent Tubes. Waste diversion programs will be developed after materials are designated by the Minister of the Environment."


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