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Welcome to the www.CanadianEnvironmental.com Newsletter.

This is a 100% opt in Newsletter that provides environmental professionals with a Canadian perspective on environmental resources that are available and other topics of interest. This month's topic is Green Procurement. The June Newsletter will highlight some of the latest programs, products, and news related to Energy Efficiency and Conservation.

Green Procurement
- Introduction
- Practicing Green Procurement
- Certification Programs
- Sourcing Green Products and Services


JETRO's Environment Japan is for foreign companies and organizations in the waste control and recycling technology sector. It is a trade fair within Japan�s largest environmental trade fair called WASTEC. Please note: The application deadline for exhibiting at Environment Japan is July 30, 2004.


Green procurement (also known as green purchasing, eco-procurement, environmentally responsible purchasing, etc.) involves integrating environmental considerations into all aspects of the procurement process. It also requires the assessment and comparison of products and services in order to make selections that are the least harmful to the environment while still meeting other criteria for cost, performance, etc. Products are often described as 'green' if they are less harmful than the next best alternative.

Practicing Green Procurement

Practicing green procurement is one way an organization can minimize the negative environmental impacts of its activities. Other potential benefits include:

  • Cost savings (e.g., lower energy costs, reduced waste disposal costs, etc.)
  • Reduced liability
  • Improved corporate image
A summary of the basics for integrating environmental considerations into an organization's existing procurement processes is provided below. Visit the Green Procurement section of CanadianEnvironmental.com to access further resources regarding all aspects of the development and implementation of a Green Procurement program.

Steps for Developing a Successful Green Procurement Program:
  • Obtain management support
  • Involve other employees (management, environment, purchasing, etc.)
  • Evaluate current purchasing practices
  • Develop policies/priorities/goals
  • Develop an implementation plan that includes specific responsibilities
  • Test the program using a specific product/service
  • Review and revise the program
Factors to Consider when Evaluating Products and Services:
  • Is the product re-used / repaired?
  • Product Packaging (quantity of packaging; recycled/recyclable content; returnable/reusable containers)
  • Recycled content of the product
  • Recyclability / reusability of the product
  • Durability of the product
  • Toxic/hazardous materials used/generated
  • Energy efficiency
  • Conservation of water and other resources
  • The environmental standards of suppliers
  • Has the product been certified by a recognized Organization
All stages of the product life cycle should be reviewed when evaluating the environmental impacts of a product or service (i.e., product design; extraction and processing of raw materials; manufacture; packaging; transport; installation; storage; use; maintenance; reuse; recycling; final disposal, etc.).

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Certification Programs

Environmental Certification programs are intended to make the green procurement process easier for consumers by identifying environmentally preferable products and services. However, Certification should not be the only criteria used when evaluating products and services as there may be environmentally preferable alternatives on the market that have not been reviewed.

Note: Some Certification programs do not review all products and services that are available, only the ones that have been submitted for review. Each Certification program has its own label to identify the products and services that have been certified. The evaluation criteria differs for each program so it is important to review each certification program independently. The websites for the main Canadian Certification and Rating Programs are listed below and additional links can be found in the Green Procurement section of www.CanadianEnvironmental.com.

Sourcing Green Products and Services

Databases of Certified products and services can be found on the respective websites for the Certification programs listed above. The CanadianEnvironmental.com Marketplace can also be used for sourcing Green Products and Services. The 'Green Products', 'Energy Efficiency', and 'Pollution Prevention' Categories are just a few of the Categories of products and services listed in the Marketplace.

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