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Posted by: Virigl Hoefels on 11/14/02 Title: Grant
Postnum: 110 EntryID:677
I will soon be graduating college and am looking into starting my own environmental consulting firm. Could you please give me some information on how i sould go about applying for a grant for this.

Virigl Hoefels


Posted by: The Solution Board on 11/15/02 Title: Re: Grant
Postnum: 110 EntryID:678

We have a section on 'Government Funding'in the 'Other Info' section of Enviro Topics.

However grants are not as common as loans and usually limited to defined projects as opposed to starting a business.

The 'Business Support, Financing' section on the government website has a lot of information related to small business financing/loans that you might find useful.

Good luck, Editor, The Solution Board

Posted by: J Sorenson on 11/29/02 Title: Re: Grant
Postnum: 110 EntryID:688
Unfortunately, industry tends to hire people with experience when they hiore a consultant. They want someone who's been around the block that can cut to the chase when fixing their problem.


Posted by: Andy on 12/9/02 Title: Re: Grant
Postnum: 110 EntryID:699
Unfortunately J is correct, it is never easy starting a business in any field, the environmental field is even harder. You have to deal with an uninformed puplic that the bottom line is cost and payback, these 2 items don't always work out to the customers satisfaction. You will spend an enormous amount of time educating Joe public,I know this from 8 yrs. experience. To give you an example, I still chuckle to myself when I think of this, when I started looking for financing to start my business in renewable energy products I was explaining to a bank manager about some solar consumer products and when I told him about a solar flashlight his response was " why do you need a flashlight when the sun is shining". I hope this doesn't discourage you but be prepared for some bumps. If you need any help in heating with biomass, waste, distric heating or wood projects I would be glad to help. Andy

Posted by: Carsten Hoefels on 12/26/04 Title: Re: Grant
Postnum: 110 EntryID:1282
Are we related to each other ?!

Regards from germany

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