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Posted by: Corey Adam on 12/23/02 Title: Plastic recycling
Postnum: 119 EntryID:707
We have started to recycle and bale assorted household plastic. We have a buyer for this material but was wondering if there is anyone else that we could sell the plastic to. I have done some searching on the internet but have had no luck. If someone could let me know who would want recycled plastic I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


Posted by: Chirag Shah on 1/20/03 Title: Re: Plastic recycling
Postnum: 119 EntryID:717
I would like to know more about which types of recycled plastics,packing and rates

Posted by: Corey Adam on 1/20/03 Title: Re: Plastic recycling
Postnum: 119 EntryID:718
We are collecting and recycling all types of household plastic. This includes: garbage bags, shopping bags, toys, shrink wrap, bottle caps, toys, containers (detergent, bleach, etc.) that are rinsed and cleaned and anything else that the public wants to recycle. We have had a great resonse so far. We just bale it into aprox. 800 lbs. bales and inform our buyer when we have 10 bales. He makes arragements to pick it up and get it to his location. We don't have to pay any freight but must have a way to load it onto his truck when it comes. As far as I know, he just melts it down for use in plastic 2 x 4's, etc. Is this an uncommon practice? I would be interested to know if anyone else is into this type of recyling.

Posted by: Chirag Shah on 1/20/03 Title: Re: Plastic recycling
Postnum: 119 EntryID:719
Are u not separating as per their different grades before recycling?

If separating then on what are the properies and characteristics of separation?

Do u sold recycled plastics separately as per different applications?

Posted by: Eckhard Biller on 4/9/03 Title: Re: Plastic recycling
Postnum: 119 EntryID:804
For good various plastic recycling practices visit the following SALYP also recycles PU Foam and uses our Canadian product Formula CHCx to clean the PU Foam. Visit Web site:

Posted by: Delaine Barth on 8/11/03 Title: Re: Plastic recycling
Postnum: 119 EntryID:920
Does anyone know what the recycling grade is for plastics used to make phones. I would like to get them recycled but I am unaware of who would take them? Does Salyp take them? I looked at their site but found it not to say too much.

Posted by: Colin on 10/19/05 Title: Re: Plastic recycling
Postnum: 119 EntryID:1494
May I know where are you located?

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