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Posted by: Irina on 1/23/03 Title: Ceiling tiles recycling
Postnum: 123 EntryID:721
We are going to repair our office and got a problem with fiber ceiling tiles. Does anybody know the company to take them for recycling? Or we have to dispose of them like regular garbage? Location- Mississauga. Thanks for any help or information.



Posted by: Eric on 2/6/03 Title: Re: Ceiling tiles recycling
Postnum: 123 EntryID:737
My understanding is that those tiles are made of cellulose fibre. If so, then then take them to a municipal compost site, where they can be shredded and added to the mix of spent xmas trees, leaves, yard waste, etc for decomposition and resale as compost.

Granted there may be some fire retardant mixed in whith the cellulose fibre (and other stuff like paint, glue, etc). Not sure how much of a problem this would be -- I suspect the retardant is some sort of mineral, which, when the tile is added to a municipal compost mix, would be sufficiently diffused that it should pose a problem to end users of the compost.

Alternatively, if they are the typical commercial tiles that hang from metal supports (i.e. they aren't the type that are stapled) and they are in good condition, there may be a "reStore"-type hardware place in Mississauga that would accept them in the hopes of someone else needing them.

Good luck, Eric.

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