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Posted by: Landon Moore on 3/4/03 Title: Commercial fishing on Wekusko Lake
Postnum: 139 EntryID:770
Hello, My name is Landon Moore and I live in New Hampton, Iowa. I am 14 years old and seem to realize problems better than some of your own people who are meant to protect the land. My family and I go fishing in Manitoba every year to Wekusko Falls Lodge. Every year I am amazed at the stories of the fishing and how it used to be on Wekusko Lake. My grandfather has been going to Wekusko Lake for over 30 years. The commercial fishing has virtually wiped out the Walleye fishing on the lake yet, it seems, the government does nothing in hopes of gaining money from the commercial fishermen. Tony Drew, owner of Wekusko Falls Lodge, has been to several meetings with conservation officers and government people and from what I hear has made little progress. It is thanks to him anglers still come at all. He managed to stop commercial fishing on nearby (across the road) Tramping Lake. He owns the only way in to the lake and was able to stop the commercial fishermen from entering the lake. My family has had conversations with officers who blame the problem on the anglers!! They blame the problem on anglers who are allowed to take 4 walleye as opposed to commercial fishermen who may take hundreds. These commercial fishermen position there nets so that when walleye retn from spawning on the rivers they are caught. Only the smallest get through. Canada has been known for a very long time as a fisherman's haven. If the commercial fishing continues this lable will be lost and it will become a land of many lakes, and no fish. I am truly worried about the problems and beleive action must be taken to stop the commercial fishing and bring back the lake so that young people like myself will be able to take our kids and our grandkids up to your beautiful lakes and enjoy the fishing. This is my dream but it can only become a reality if the Canadian government realizes the problem and works to stop it. I realize it will take time to return to its former prowess as a fishing haven but that is time that must be given if the government wishes to keep its lovely wilderness. The US couldn't save itself and has become a suburban wasteland in many places. Please consider what I have said and save the lakes.

Sincerly, a concerned fisherman, Landon Moore

P.S. I would like to point out that when I say stop commercial fishing that I may be getting the wrong message across. I simply would like better regulations put on it.


Posted by: ben on 4/15/03 Title: Re: Commercial fishing on Wekusko Lake
Postnum: 139 EntryID:817
It is a mix of both commercial and non that has caused the problems I have worked on lakes where there is no commercial fishing and yet they are still dead. When you say only 4 fish multiply that by the amount of fisherman, plus all of the fishermen that take more than that and all of the fishermen who take the smaller fish regardless of regulations. Quit passing the buck and make yourself responsible as well as other. It is called realistic. The best way you can make a difference is start with yourself, anything after that is a bonus. Just don't blame. You are young and will learn, I would have said the same thing ten years ago. Now I fish more responsibly (the best is none at all, its just so hard not to)and would never remove a fish for my own stomach, that is for farms.

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