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Posted by: Alexis Masterton on 3/21/03 Title: ExxonMobil's Continuing Negligence
Postnum: 151 EntryID:790
Good Afternoon,

I am a college student attending an institution in British Columbia, Canada whom is currently researching a paper on the company ExxonMobil’s past and current endeavours, and request your opinion on the matter to provide a contrasting primary source for my research. For the past few weeks I have been compiling articles and news feeds that are providing collective evidence of the aforementioned company’s overwhelming negligence-both toward the environment, and the quality of life of the world’s populations. Above all, I seek the truth of the matter. I seek the honest opinions of environmental experts on the nobility of ExxonMobil’s actions. I would be grateful to hear your informed perspective on this continuing issue. Thank you so much for your time. Awaiting your reply,

Alexis Masterton


Posted by: Mike Johnston on 3/24/03 Title: Re: ExxonMobil's Continuing Negligence
Postnum: 151 EntryID:791
Exonmobile and the oil industry as a whole continues to be driven more by regulatory requirements than by sound environmental policy. This is unfortunate as there are technoligies out there to lessen the environmental impact of their operations and reduce the noumber of releases to the environment. A case in point is the recent sinking of a tanker off the coast of Spain. Both the EU and US had slated that type of tanker to be decomissioned due to known risks of environmental release. They were also subject to increased regulatiry inspections for the same reason. Yet the oil industry continues to us them because it is cheaper in the short run. Unfortunately we as consumers pay for this short sightedness in the form of higher prices at the pumps at least in part due to having to pay the civil penalties and clean up cost for these incidents. There is little likelihood of this changing unless the executives are held personnaly responsible, (this is the least likely event of all). Some few companies such as Texico are starting to be a little more forward thinking and are cleaning up their act, but only just before the regulators force them to.

Mike J.

Posted by: Rebecca on 3/25/03 Title: Re: ExxonMobil's Continuing Negligence
Postnum: 151 EntryID:795
You can check out as one source for corporate accountability information and, in particular, the articles I've inserted links for below. Good luck.

Posted by: Mike Johnston on 4/4/03 Title: Re: ExxonMobil's Continuing Negligence
Postnum: 151 EntryID:801
There is a follow up article on the tanker that went down off the coast of Spain with a list of the oil companies that are supporting the effort to contain and remove the oil from the wreck. It is in the MSN environmental section.

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