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Posted by: Justin Tilson on 4/6/03 Title: Dishwashers
Postnum: 154 EntryID:802
I am writing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I am researching dishwasher technologies as I am looking into starting a business at Currently there is a very busy food fair that relies completely on styrofoam and disposable everything to service its clients. I am proposing to move to a communal shared dish service to help vendors save money, provide a few employment opportunities as well as reduce the disgusting amount of waste that the market is currently producing.

My ulimate goal is to pull together a system that runs completely on solar and can minimize or eliminate waste water. My background is in commerce and software development, not engineering. I think a lot of what I need is readily available off the shelf but I could use a little direction. If anyone has any experience in this area, your advice would be greatly appreciated.




Posted by: Eric on 4/21/03 Title: Re: Dishwashers
Postnum: 154 EntryID:825
Perhaps you could combine an off-the-shelf commercial dishwasher with:

1 - a solar water heater (might as well have this work on the main hot water lines and not only the one the dishwasher uses)

2 - a "greywater" system which basically filters some of the larger materials out of the waste dish water and then has the remaining water feed an irrigation system, say to the trees / gardens around the market (if there are some)

You could try making this water available to market merchants to, say, water their plants -- but this could be tricky since you'd have to pressurize the water somehow (like have a barrel stored on the roof) and fend off health inspectors who might worry that recycled human germs would make their way on lettuce seedlings, etc.

(Ideally, it would be best to use the greywater to flush the market's toilets, since these are likely the worst clean water wasters! But this would definitely be experimental!)

You'd have to choose the dishwater detergent well if you have this system, since you don't want most commercial/toxic ones ("Nature Clean" is a brand I'm familiar with here in the east that is greywater-friendly).

Beyond this, more extensive solar proposals and water-recycling systems might be approaching experimental technologies.

I would guess that simply having a dishwashing system would be considered "radical" by some at the market and so you'll want to start off with more tried-and-tested technologies.

Good luck! - Eric (ewmiller - at -

Posted by: linda camilleri on 6/4/03 Title: Re: Dishwashers
Postnum: 154 EntryID:854
We have a dishwahing detergent that is safe for the environment. It seems to be one of the only ones that is toxic free that works as well as any in the market at much less cost. We respect and encourage your concept. Good luck and be in touch.

Posted by: Doug Black on 10/19/05 Title: commercial dishwasher
Postnum: 154 EntryID:1495
I am trying to find a supplier of commercial dishwashers in vancouver b.c.

any thoughts



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