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Posted by: Andy on 4/16/03 Title: Drying Duck Manure
Postnum: 155 EntryID:819
I am in need of suggestions or equipment that can dry wood shavings that is used for bedding for ducks. The moisture content is at 60% and needs to be reduced to 35% so it can be burned to create heat. If anybody has any suggestions contact me for details Thank you


Posted by: Eric on 4/21/03 Title: Re: Drying Duck Manure
Postnum: 155 EntryID:824
Perhaps it would be possible to use some of the heat generated by the burning to dry out the next batch of (wet) shavings. There are a few ways to do this but would depend upon how large of a burning you're doing and how you're doing it...

Posted by: Andy on 8/11/03 Title: Re: Drying Duck Manure
Postnum: 155 EntryID:922
We have gone through the preliminary testing and it turns out we have a high Flourine and Chloride content that needs to be lower, the exterior sample was 50% lower. Anybody have any suggestions on lowering it even more?

Posted by: P Aucoin on 3/25/05 Title: Re: Drying Duck Manure
Postnum: 155 EntryID:1345
Where are you located? I know of a company that has a kiln that can dry almost anything. I dont know what the cost would be but I could find out

Posted by: Andy on 4/15/05 Title: Re: Drying Duck Manure
Postnum: 155 EntryID:1360
Mr. Aucoin I am located in the Eastern Townships, 1 hour away from Montreal Quebec, I would be interested in learning more about this kiln. Thank you for your interest, Regards Andy Levoy Conservergy

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