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Posted by: Karin on 12/23/03 Title: Reducing consumerism & energy consumption
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KARIN'S LIGHT BULB CHALLENGE - a little something you can do to help reduce consumerism and energy consumption.


Over the next year, strive to give people an energy-saving light bulb on occasions that usually require gifts (e.g. birthdays, Christmas, etc).


1. Reduce unnecessary consumer purchases. If you're struggling to find someone the "perfect" gift for an occasion, chances are they don't really need anything at all. By getting them a light bulb --- something most people do eventually need --- instead of an otherwise unnecessary gift, less waste will end up in our landfills.

2. Reduce energy consumption. Energy-saving light bulbs use up to 75% less energy. By making your home more energy efficient, you are helping save the environment. Energy resources will be protected for future generations.


Basic Challenge:

- Replace one of your incandescent light bulbs with an energy-saving light bulb. - Over the next year, give TWO people an energy-saving light bulb on occasions that usually require gifts (e.g. birthdays, Christmas). - Encourage others to take on the Challenge. - Add yourself to the list of challengers. Sign up at

Advanced Challenge:

- Instead of just giving just two people an energy-saving light bulb, strive to give EVERYONE a light bulb on occasions that usually require gifts.

Read more about Karin's Light Bulb Challenge at:

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