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Posted by: Frank Hanlan on 1/8/04 Title: Inflated Foam Packaging
Postnum: 213 EntryID:1010
As a bookstore we receive a good number of boxes of books with inflated foam or foam inflated packaging. Does this stuff biodegrade better if the outside plastic covering is slit?


Posted by: Mike Johnston on 1/14/04 Title: Re: Inflated Foam Packaging
Postnum: 213 EntryID:1016
Most plastics and Foams do not biodegrade readily. That being said any materials biodegrading will be accelerated if the expose surface area is increased. Therefore slitting, slicing, and otherwise fragmenting the materials with make them biodegrade faster.

Mike J.

Posted by: Liz Germann on 1/25/05 Title: Re: Recycling Issues
Postnum: 213 EntryID:1307
My high school is known for many wonderful things, but one of the things that I particularly am ashamed of is our recycling and reusing habits. Our lunches are served to the students and faculty on foam plates and eaten with plastic silverware. The only thing that we wash and reuse are the plastic trays. I need some advice so that I can change this or atleast get some plastic recycling bins in our cafeteria. If you have any advice please let me know! Our lunch ladies are pretty stubborn!

Suffering School Lunch-eater

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