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Posted by: rebecca on 9/27/04 Title: Lake Management Planning
Postnum: 277 EntryID:1219
I am currently working on a watershed-level lake management plan. As part of the issue identification process a survey has been distributed to residents/lake users for feedback. Compilation of survey responses was easy, I'm not so sure how to handle all the comments submitted. As I've had numerous requests for survey result summaries, I'm wondering how best to concisely summarize the comments without missing anything. Any help with this would be very much appreciated. Also, since this is my first stab at planning at the watershed level, any suggestions on existing reports or other guiding documents (I already have several but there's likely many more out there) would be very helpul (I'm in south central BC).


Posted by: Scott D on 10/6/05 Title: Re: Lake Management Planning
Postnum: 277 EntryID:1487
There is a Lake Stewardship Society in the southern portion of the project that may be able to provide you with some information. You might also want to talk to your local MOE rep about other reports etc that have been compiled for reference on style and organization. When I was involved with Integrated Watershed Restoration Plans we would often provide public comments as an appendix table to the main report. You can break the comments down by nature of the comment (ie land use, water quality, riparian area, ...) to give some semblance of organization. Good luck.

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