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Posted by: Hemingwayforbes on 10/4/04 Title: Dirty Waste Plastic What's the deal?
Postnum: 281 EntryID:1223
Posted before asking the question about dirty waste plastics and what happens to it in Canada. Seems few know and fewer know the number of thousands of tons disposed of. Is it exported or landfilled? Rio Accord 2006 stops the exportation to underdeveloped countrys but I cannot find anybody in government who has a Plan B for this problem. Strange Canada is far behind the USA in pulling numbers together or having alternate options in hand.


Posted by: HEMINGWAYFORBES on 2/3/05 Title: Re: Dirty Waste Plastic What's the deal?
Postnum: 281 EntryID:1315
Well. Looks like there are no solutions here. Perhaps there is no knowledge about it either. I would look at and for starters. The Plastic Council of America is engaged in funding research from PENN STATE UNIVERSITY on Plastofuel and GR Technologies in South Korean has a patented Burner that has been tested independently showing low low low emissions and particulates. That without shredder or scrubbers. SO WHY SO HARD for alternative solutions people to understand? Government has it's head in the sand mainly because silage, dirty varities of farm plastic waste etc. does not seem to be in their dictionary. Even the GreenHouse Association falls flat on its face understanding the value to their members. I guess Canadians are stuck with fossil fuels and an inability to have their regional and federal governments stand tall with the Kyoto accord. Too bad. I am a proponent of controlling the Industrial Dirty Plastics and these people seem to have a solution yet not a lot of interest. Amazing. Also was heard that a couple of senior bureaucrats approached by representitives were told " plastic is being handled well - look at the success of the roadside blue box program." unquote. HELLO! Earth to Mars.

Posted by: HEMINGWAYFORBES on 6/26/05 Title: Re: Dirty Waste Plastic What's the deal?
Postnum: 281 EntryID:1419
Amazing how little attention the problem of Waste Plastic gets. One good thing as I follow the progress of PENN STATE they recently obtained a substational research grant to improve on their developed dirty waste plastic pellets called PLASTOFUEL. Also GR -Technologies of Korea allowed the University to modify their unique burner to accept the PENN STATE version. PENN STATE is North America's leader in AGRI-Waste solutions and plastics constitutes a huge problem for the Agricultural Industry. Another current event is that in early June/05 the USA Emissions Standards people and PENN STATE conducted a complete test on the burner and the fuel pellets. A written report is expected in the coming months. Those on site reported with some excitement the excellent burn, and clean emissions observed. Tests will obviously determine exact gas emissions and such. If it follows the Korean Testing done a few years ago it will pave the way to commercial marketing of both the pellet fuel and burners in North America. The burner, as best one can determine is said to also burn directly dirty plastics of various kinds by putting a shredder and hopper on the burner. This could be the start of reducing the disgusting practice of landfill, ocean dumping and export of dirty waste toxins simply polluting the earth somewhere on the plant. Good on PENN STATE for this aggressive research that not only stops the practice but offers up Alternative Energy solutions too.

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