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Posted by: Derek Suzack on 10/29/04 Title: Tanks, batteries, appliances
Postnum: 285 EntryID:1243

Does anyone have a solution to recycling old propane tanks, car batteries, fridges, dryers, washers, etc? from a landfill? Please let me know..Thanks


Posted by: Barry @ SKR on 11/27/04 Title: Re: Tanks, batteries, appliances
Postnum: 285 EntryID:1270
We are currently accepting Propane Tanks. Any scrap metals yard will likely accept car type batteries, as well as washers & dryers. Fridges need to have the freon pumped out before the scrap yards acept them, but they will take them, too. They usually pay by the pound if you drop the material off.

The scrap yards can't accept the propane tanks for safety reasons.

Posted by: Derek Suzack on 1/12/05 Title: Re: Tanks, batteries, appliances
Postnum: 285 EntryID:1287
Hi Barry,

Thank you for you response. If you are accepting propane tanks, how do we get in touch with you so that you may aquire them? Please let me know Barry, I may be reached at 1-705-325-3611 extension 1296. Thanks, Derek

Posted by: Barry @ SKR on 1/18/05 Title: Re: Tanks, batteries, appliances
Postnum: 285 EntryID:1297

Have conferred with the company we deal with, and as a result we may be able to accept up to 100lb propane tanks in the future. We would also consider taking the smaller, "one-way"/"disposable" cylinders, but may have to charge a fee for handling them, which may not make it viable for you. We would make nothing at all on them otherwise and would end up costing us money, as they need to be punctured safely & then cut in half. We may be able to broker a deal to get that done, but we woudl still require some sort of fee to help would help cover our time sorting & storing the cylinders, plus other licensing fee considerations. We make little on the larger propane tanks as it is, so the handling & storage space considerations consumes much of that income. It is unfortunate the governement(s) does not put some sort of stewardship program in place to assist the recycling of these odd items & materials.

Are there any other materials your group needs a "home" for? Perhaps us accepting a bulk shipment of assorted materials would assist in making it worth your shipping costs.

Barry @ SKR

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