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Posted by: Sandi Stoliar on 11/1/04 Title: discovering hidden mould
Postnum: 287 EntryID:1245
When you are in an apartment that you STRONGLY suspect has mould and it is not visible, what do you do? Any/all advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sandi.


Posted by: mike johnston on 11/1/04 Title: Re: discovering hidden mould
Postnum: 287 EntryID:1246
We suspected a mold issue at one of our facilities but could find no visible evidence. We used comparitive air testing for mold pollen and tracked the issue to one room, then one wall of a training room. The testing was pricey but we found that the mold was caused by water condensing fron the ac ductwork and then falling on the inside of the wall where the mold then grew. A cheaper way to try and locate it would be to check by all sources of moisture give them a good dose of a disenfecting cleaner that kills mold. This will slow the problem and then work on the core problem of the elevated moisture at the source. Most molds require elevated moisture levels to grow so eliminating the source of this moisture should get rid of the problem.

Mike J.

Posted by: Sandi Stoliar on 11/2/04 Title: Re: discovering hidden mould
Postnum: 287 EntryID:1247
Thank you Mike

Sandi Stoliar

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