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Posted by: SARMA.R.DONEPUDI on 12/10/01 Title: environmental monitoring in drug industry
Postnum: 35 EntryID:465
I am a Canadian Certified Environmental Practitioner(CCEP) and Environmental auditor looking for information on environmental compliance in drug industry.


Posted by: The Solution Board on 2/3/02 Title: Re: environmental monitoring in drug industry
Postnum: 35 EntryID:501
As I'm sure you're aware based on your qualifications, environmental legislation related to many areas such as waste, wastewater, spills, etc. is often not 'industry-specific' and is relevant to all companies (regardless of industry). In addition to those, there may be additional documents relevant to specific industries.

For a list of many of the Environmental Acts, Regulations, Guidelines, and links to the government websites that provide free access to on-line legislation, click on 'Legislation' (click on the button in the menu to the left). Although some industry-specific documents are included in that section, you might want to also check out the resources listed in 'Health Care' under 'Industry Info' (click on the button in the menu above).

Note: Although we try to maintain as comprehensive a resource as possible, this site is constantly under development and we do not accept any responsibility for omissions or content provided. (See disclaimer in menu above).

Posted by: Maysoon on 7/6/02 Title: Re: environmental monitoring in drug industry
Postnum: 35 EntryID:589
I guess it might be a little bit late, but i thought that it might still help you to know about- that is if you do not already know- the following publications by the EPA/USA: 1.EPA-305-S-97-001, Dec 1997 - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Statutory and Regulatory Summaries-EPA office of Compliance 2.EPA/310-R-97-005- Profile of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry- Sector Notebook-This can be found on and provides info of general interest regarding environmental issues.

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