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Posted by: joe wilson on 12/19/01 Title: fuel containment
Postnum: 37 EntryID:475
i am looking for a contaiment of sort. the specs are as follows: 8ft dia fuel containment boom (colapseable) some type of pouris sock 8ft in depth with open bottom material must be pouris enought to dispel approx 150,000 litre of fuel water mixture per 2 hr period. max fuel content in water mixture is 15 ppm must be able to be set up in ocean water. any persons knowing of any company that might manyfacture or provide info, please notify myself at the email adress provided


Posted by: M.J. Plebon on 1/28/02 Title: Re: fuel containment
Postnum: 37 EntryID:492
Dear Mr. Wilson,

You can visit or e-mail me for information regarding your application. I would like to learn more about your situation.


Posted by: The Solution Board on 2/3/02 Title: Re: fuel containment
Postnum: 37 EntryID:500
Have you checked out the companies listed under: 'Emergency/Spill Response Equipment/Products' in our product and service directory? (Click on 'Products & Services' in the menu to the left).

There are also companies in the 'Emergency/Spill Response Services' category that are involved in ocean spill response that may be able to assist you.

As our Directory includes links for all companies that have a website, you can quickly identify which companies might have the product that you're looking for.

Note: The Directory will continue to be expanded throughout 2002 as part of our goal to maintain the most comprehensive and useful online environmental Directory in Canada.

Posted by: Robert on 5/22/02 Title: Re: fuel containment
Postnum: 37 EntryID:563

We sell a number of customized solutions for oil and hazardous materials containment. Please call me toll free at 866-753-6696 and we can discuss a solution for you.

Posted by: Robert McIntyre on 8/29/03 Title: Re: fuel containment
Postnum: 37 EntryID:930
Hi there... Its sounds like you have a unique requirement. When sourcing materials like this please make sure that the materials have been designed by a professional engineer so that you are not going to get something that will casue you headaches later.

We offer a number of customer solutions in the area of HAZMAT containment. If you give me a call we can fix your problem. Toll Free 866-753-6696.

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