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Posted by: Anita Fricke on 2/13/02 Title: disposal of PCB ballasts
Postnum: 45 EntryID:503
We are a school district in southern British Columbia.

We have approximately 100 ballasts that may be PCB contaminated.

We would like to know the disposal procedure.

Thank you.


Posted by: The Solution Board on 2/13/02 Title: Re: disposal of PCB ballasts
Postnum: 45 EntryID:504
Hello Anita,

You can confirm whether or not your light ballasts actually contain PCBs based on their date of manufacture. Light ballasts manufactured prior to 1978 are likely to contain PCBs and those manufactured after 1980 do not.

For an accurate determination, especially within the 1978-1980 time frame, refer to the serial numbers on the ballasts. The following document contains a useful Table that summarizes how to determine by serial number if a ballast contains PCBs.

PCBs in Light Ballasts, Government of Saskatchewan (

This document is one of several resources that you can find in the ‘PCBs’ subsection of ‘Enviro Topics’ on (see the menu to the left).

In British Columbia, The Special Waste Regulation (available online at and the Special Waste Regulation Guide (not available online) address the storage and disposal of PCBs. For more assistance you can contact your local Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection office. Contact information is available through their website ( or in the blue pages of your phone book.

PCBs are also regulated federally. Environment Canada has a PCBs website that covers federal requirements related to PCBs and contains contact information. (

If you do determine that the ballasts do contain PCBs and you require further assistance, you can locate companies that specialize in PCB management and disposal in our Environmental Product and Service Directory by clicking on ‘Products and Services’ in the menu to the left.

Regards, The Solution Board

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