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Posted by: Benjam Yan on 4/6/02 Title: Join a China-Canada Env. Consulting Business?
Postnum: 59 EntryID:529
China Environmental Project Consulting (CEPC) is a new opened Toronto based company specializing in providing China environmental engineering market information for Canadian related environmental companies that are interested in developing new environment markets in China. Moreover, the company is also going to help Canadian companies apply their technologies and equipment in China environment that needs US$85 billion in environmental objectives in its national 10th Five-Year Plan (2001-2005). CEPC now mainly consists of Chinese engineers who have rich experience in environmental engineering design, management and market development in China. According to the needs of mark expansion, now we need more partners to join our business temporarily as a part-time job. The idea partners should speak and write perfect English; have some environmental engineering background as asset; can work at daytime. CEPC will share business profits with all of its partners.

Contact: E-mail: Fax: (416)439-5860 Phone: (416)258-3963


Posted by: Jeff on 4/6/02 Title: Re: Join a China-Canada Env. Consulting Business?
Postnum: 59 EntryID:530
Hello, Mr. Yan, I'm a landed immigrant from china, and I'm in Vancouver, BC now. I'm interested in the information related to enviromental pollution treatment in steel industry, because I have client in china which is in urgent need of related technology as well as equipment. I,m writing to u to explore the possibility of establishing some co-orporation. I'm very appreciate if I can receive your quick response. Thank u and regards.

Posted by: Jack on 4/11/02 Title: Re: Join a China-Canada Env. Consulting Business?
Postnum: 59 EntryID:535
Dear Yan,

Got your message on,a good idea.

Environmental engineering is more like of business development than technology. Like to know more about your present projects and how I may evolve.

I am immigrant in Montreal with 7 years of Chinese environmental engineering(mostly in water/wastewater and solid waste) experience include desing and supervision. Some Canadian experience came from from a China wastewater project loaned my Canadian goverment and designed with corporation of a Canadian consulting team and, my environmental research here.

Since having participated environmental conferences,expositions in Canada and USA, I know products and services well.Also, have prepared some treatment proposals for Chinese client with some brand Canadian and USA company. But,less chance to follow up . Hope to hear from you for further discuss.

my e-mail:

Posted by: The Solution Board on 4/11/02 Title: Re: Join a China-Canada Env. Consulting Business?
Postnum: 59 EntryID:536
Environmental product and service companies interested in exporting can also check the 'environment' subsection of our 'Industry Info' (on the black menu bar across the top of every page of ) for links to a number of excellent Canadian exporting resources.

For example: (The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service's website) and more specifically their Environmental Industries webpage at which has country-specific information

The Team Canada website at (includes info on trade missions)


Editor, The Solution Board

Posted by: Recycling Matters Inc. on 5/2/02 Title: Re: Join a China-Canada Env. Consulting Business?
Postnum: 59 EntryID:549
Dear Mr. Yan

My company exports large quantites of Polyurethane foam scrap (flexible foam) manufactured in furniture and bedding industries if any of your may have contact who to dispose of this material scrap-from China, Taiwan, Singapore and other far eastern country please e-mail me.

Posted by: Willy E. on 7/19/02 Title: Re: Join a China-Canada Env. Consulting Business?
Postnum: 59 EntryID:594
Hello Mr. Jan Although I'm not an accredited scientist, I have extensive field experience in combustion engineering in natural gas as well as LPG industrial burners. It's this "Practical" field experience and applied chemistry of combustion knowledge that has helped me invent a increased fuel efficiency / pollution reduction system for any internal combustion engine. It will reduce fuel consumption by a projected 25% - 35%, and further reduce the “emitted� pollution by another 50%. I have tried to find interest in this in Canada and the USA to no avail, and would welcome your interest in this or an opportunity to work with you in a comparable field of science. Thank you, Willy E.

Posted by: VICTORIA BRAILE on 10/27/04 Title: Re: Join a China-Canada Env. Consulting Business?
Postnum: 59 EntryID:1242
I am looking for air emission regulations applied to steel inmdustry. Can you help me?


Posted by: Aven Shen on 4/19/05 Title: Re: Join a China-Canada Env. Consulting Business?
Postnum: 59 EntryID:1364
Dear Mr. Yan,

We are a leading pump manufacturer from China. We are providing all kinds of water pumps, valve, motor, completed water supply equipment. We want to promote our products to Canadian market now. You can visit our website as following to learn more about us.

Could you help us or give us some suggestions?


Posted by: ACHIDI GORDONS on 5/3/05 Title: Re: Join a China-Canada Env. Consulting Business?
Postnum: 59 EntryID:1378
We are a business consulting firm and would like to have information concerning up coming conferences and expositions for 2005. Thank you and Best regards

Posted by: emmanuel on 8/7/05 Title: job ref and contracts from nigerian oil gas
Postnum: 59 EntryID:1450
i am directed by the nnpc nigeria to bring you this message. the is a job opportunity for engineers in nnpc and also contracts to be awarded to companies, like buliding of roads, houses, brigdes, suppling of computers, supplying of many thins in the company. if your intrested contact

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