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Posted by: Deepa on 4/11/02 Title: Recycling Obsolete Computers
Postnum: 61 EntryID:533
Our facility is located in a small town in Orangeville ON. We are looking for a contractor to take our obsolete (mercury containing) computer equipment so that it does not end up in landfill. Local recyclers do not have the facilities or the resources. Can anyone recommend a cost efficient method of disposal? Thank you.


Posted by: The Solution Board on 4/14/02 Title: Re: Recycling Obsolete Computers
Postnum: 61 EntryID:538
The Ontario Waste Materials Exchange at is a free resource that allows you to post under 'Wanted Materials' or 'Available Materials'.

There are some companies looking for obsolete computer equipment/electronics posted under 'wanted materials' that you could look into. You could also post your computer equipment under 'available materials'.

Regards, Editor, The Solution Board

Posted by: Luigi DiPoce on 5/2/02 Title: Re: Recycling Obsolete Computers
Postnum: 61 EntryID:547
Try a company called EPR in Mississauga, Ontario

Posted by: Ruth Holland on 6/3/02 Title: Re: Recycling Obsolete Computers
Postnum: 61 EntryID:577
Another suggestion for recycling obsolete computers is to consider donating them to places like Day care centres where the kids can use them with some of the older programs.

Posted by: Sid Morris on 6/11/02 Title: Re: Recycling Obsolete Computers
Postnum: 61 EntryID:583
Contact me at EPR Services Inc. for assistance

Posted by: Garry Woods on 11/3/02 Title: Re: Recycling Obsolete Computers
Postnum: 61 EntryID:664
We at Acid Technologies are also beginning our recycling project for obsolete technologies. We also refurbish and resell/donate as well as recover. Please post replies via email as the website and server are undergoing considerable changes currently. Thank You.

Posted by: Aaron Wozniak on 6/20/03 Title: Re: Recycling Obsolete Computers
Postnum: 61 EntryID:867

If you are still inquiring about obsolete computers, my company has depot's across Canada that can take the equipment. Usable systems are transfered to a non-profit organization while the others are recycled 100% and in an environmentally friendly way. If there is enough volume we do pay for material.

Aaron Wozniak

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