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Posted by: glenn on 5/3/02 Title: flammable rags
Postnum: 70 EntryID:552
I would like some straightforward information on legislation regarding disposal of flammable rags. Do they need to be incinerated or just sent to haz. waste landfill? Efforts to get an answer through the MOE website have failed. thanks


Posted by: DS on 5/13/02 Title: Re: flammable rags
Postnum: 70 EntryID:555
Ask a company that deals with rags-recycling for reuse purposes. They are aware of what types of rags they are taking away and will dispose of the rags in the proper manner.

Posted by: Barry on 5/30/02 Title: Re: flammable rags
Postnum: 70 EntryID:572
Ontario Reg. 347 (general waste) defines hazardous waste. One of the types of waste included is "ignitable waste". “ignitable waste� means a waste that, (b) is a solid and is capable, under standard temperature and pressure, of causing fire through friction, absorption of moisture or spontaneous chemical changes and, when ignited, burns so vigorously and persistently that it creates a danger, The Regulation governs generator registriation, manefesting, handling and disposal of hazardous waste.

Barry Spiegel Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers

Posted by: Jeff on 12/4/02 Title: Re: flammable rags
Postnum: 70 EntryID:692
I'm currently looking into having solvent based rags spun dry and recycled at a much cheaper cost than landfilling. Unforetunately, the rag make up is important, I deal with polypropylene naptha based rags, but most solvents can be extracted and recycled. The rags are then recycled or at least disposed of as Non-haz.


Posted by: Eckhard Biller on 4/9/03 Title: Re: flammable rags
Postnum: 70 EntryID:806
Hello Jeff: We manufacture a patented and TM registered product by the name of Formula CHCx. Agriculture Canada and UBA certified. This product works wonders on hydrocarbon polluted rags, irregardles of material composition. Old dirty rags can be cleaned and reused. Visit our Web Site: Best regards Eckhard

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