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Posted by: envirogirl on 5/17/02 Title: Lab Size requirement??
Postnum: 71 EntryID:560

I am wondering if there is any standards or requirements regarding the size of a Laboratory room. I have been searching the internet for any information on it and all I can find is standards for accreditation etc. Maybe I am not looking hard enough. or not looking in the right place. If anyone knows where I can find info, please reply. Thanks.


Posted by: Frankie on 5/29/02 Title: Re: Lab Size requirement??
Postnum: 71 EntryID:569
Define a laboratory mad scietist chemical set I had as a kid works in any room....LOL

Posted by: Barry Spiegel on 5/30/02 Title: Re: Lab Size requirement??
Postnum: 71 EntryID:573
Depends on the type of lab. For biohazards, for example, see

Barry Spiegel Willms & Shier Envioronmental Lawyers

Posted by: David Harris on 5/30/02 Title: Re: Lab Size requirement??
Postnum: 71 EntryID:575
Ontario Ministry of Solicitor General has upgraded base requirements for laboratories as a result of Morin Inquiry, including location, size, ventilation etc. Give them a try.

David Harris D. Harris & Associates

Posted by: envirogirl on 5/31/02 Title: Re: Lab Size requirement??
Postnum: 71 EntryID:576
The lab will be used for weld testing in the form of acid etching.

Posted by: Dave Harris - D. Harris & Associates on 6/4/02 Title: Re: Lab Size requirement??
Postnum: 71 EntryID:579
Not sure where your lab would fit in (Level 1,2,3,4) but minimum size for Level 2 Biological lab is 150 s.f., for Chemical Lab is 100 s.f. Also refer to OBC requirements of 50 s.f. clear area per person for Group F - Div. 2 occupancies (Laboratories), and pay attention to ventilation requirements of 12 air changes per hour.

Dave Harris D. Harris & Associates

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