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Posted by: Bryan De Castro on 5/28/02 Title: Replacement for rock salt
Postnum: 73 EntryID:565
Hi, I am intrested in finding out if there is any product that can replace rock salt for melting snow and ice and which is enviromentaly frinedly ?


Posted by: Steve on 5/29/02 Title: Re: Replacement for rock salt
Postnum: 73 EntryID:567
Try sand - its a natural product and heats the snow as a result of attracting sunlight and trapping heat.

Posted by: envirogirl on 5/29/02 Title: Re: Replacement for rock salt
Postnum: 73 EntryID:570
Sand is also reusable for the next winters to come. Just sweep them up into a bucket in the spring.

Posted by: Mike Johnston on 10/9/02 Title: Re: Replacement for rock salt
Postnum: 73 EntryID:630
We are looking into Urea and other chemical fertilizers. They environmentally more friendly than rock salt depending on the amout applied but also have a higher price tag. The first is not much of a problem for most of our facilities as we don't get much snow in Kentuky or California where most of our plants are, but the second can be a stumbling block. Mike J.

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