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Posted by: Ryan Hall on 8/11/03 Title: Old car removal incentive
Postnum: 13 EntryID:37
I have been told that the government will pay to have your old car pre 1988 removed form road use. Does anyone know about this or know where I can get more info?



Posted by: Editor on 8/12/03 Title: Re: Old car removal incentive
Postnum: 13 EntryID:38
Hi Ryan,

These are called 'Vehicle Scrappage Programs' that have been developed by various local organizations and are partially funded by Environment Canada. The programs vary and are only available in certain locations. You can find out more in this June/03 Press Release:

Here is excerpt: "To be eligible for most scrappage programs, the owner must reside in the area where the scrappage programs are operating; the vehicle must be insured for the past six to twelve months; and be capable of being driven to a recycling contractor's scrap yard. Owners of 1987 model year and older vehicles who qualify can choose to scrap their vehicle in exchange for one of the incentives offered in their localities. They may include: transit pass, or car-sharing opportunities, or rebate toward the purchase of a new or newer vehicle, or rebate toward the purchase of a new bicycle."

Posted by: Ryan Hall on 8/12/03 Title: Re: Old car removal incentive
Postnum: 13 EntryID:39
Thank you very much! My time has been saved! ;)

Posted by: Brent on 1/5/04 Title: Re: Old car removal incentive
Postnum: 13 EntryID:121
Here we go. An american style head hunting program. These programs assume that anything old is bad for the environment, when in actual fact, the only thing the government wants is to have more new cars sold. There are alot of people that can't afford a newer vehicle and the skyrocketing registration fees that go along with them. Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's hard on feul or unsafe.


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