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Posted by: Trevor Kolybaba on 8/15/03 Title: Developing Code Sheets
Postnum: 14 EntryID:42
I am in the middle of developing a database for the waste that we deal with. Does anyone have any suggestions for a software type that is modifiable to process forms, reports and other similar documents?


Posted by: Talis Forstmanis on 8/15/03 Title: Re: Developing Code Sheets
Postnum: 14 EntryID:43
FileMaker Pro is a wonderful tool for this purpose. FM is cross platform (Mac, Windows & Linux). Very user friendly relational database. Use third party plug-ins for even more power.

Posted by: Sean Melvin on 8/15/03 Title: Re: Developing Code Sheets
Postnum: 14 EntryID:45

I recently finished a contract with Future Path Development Group Inc., located in Ottawa. In Ottawa, this company has been busy creating an amazing Lotus Notes based system to solve environmental issues like yours. The system will let you track any and all waste products you choose. It generates detailed information for you (no calculator or special MSExcel/Access formula input required). It will also let you survey (through the internet) any employee on your specific waste issues, and give them instructions to correct their behaviour.

Check it out at!OpenFrameSet

Look for the Environmental Section in the solutions area.

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