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Posted by: brian on 5/2/05 Title: recycling data tapes
Postnum: 154 EntryID:563 you can try to contact this recycler for the video tapes.


Posted by: b on 5/2/05 Title: Re: recycling data tapes
Postnum: 154 EntryID:564
Old tapes don't die, they just fade away Asset Recovery of ALL Storage Media. A very environmentally friendly company!

No matter what kind of backup and restore method you employ, one thing is for certain. You will end up with a lot of used media (tapes, removable disks, flash disks, ZIP drives). What can you do with them? The usual thing is to throw them in the trash. Of course, you do remove all the data from them first, don’t you? The government has never liked to find classified material in a dumpster, and now, with new regulations, customer data, patient records, and financial records are also forbidden. But what of the now-clean media itself? Seems like a shame for it to end up in an overcrowded landfill somewhere. There is an alternative. I recently talked with someone who will buy that old media from you and pay you for it (this is really like getting a free gift without sitting through a sales presentation). His name is Brian Musil, and his company is All you do is call him at (800) 650-8666 x-102, and he comes and takes away your old media and gives you a brand new check. Sounds like a good deal to me! Here’s his address: Brian Musil, Storage Sales and Acquisitions,, 11-A Marconi, Irvine CA 92618,

In case you were thinking about it, the answer is yes, he offered me a commission. And no, I didn’t accept. Probably not smart, since I would certainly make more money from him than I ever will running this newsletter! If you do business with Brian, say hello for me. Oh, as you might expect, he also sells reconditioned tapes! --Lance A. Leventhal

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