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Posted by: D.C on 2/12/04 Title: Video Tape Recycling
Postnum: 51 EntryID:179
Does anybody have information on who would recycle video tapes in the GTA(Greater Toronto Region)?


Posted by: Barry @ SKR on 2/19/04 Title: Re: Video Tape Recycling
Postnum: 51 EntryID:183
We're not exactly in the right region (we're in Winnipeg), but we will be handling video tapes in the future. We do already accept whole, re-usuable tapes currently, as well as used cases.

Posted by: Electronics Recycling Canada on 3/12/04 Title: Re: Video Tape Recycling
Postnum: 51 EntryID:201
Electronics Recycling (Canada) Co. Ltd (Ontario Division) c/o Waste Exchange

To whom it may concern, thank you taking time from your busy schedule to review this letter, we briefly discussed the ongoing subject of electronics, plastics and styro foam recycling, as well the benefits of a recycling partnership. At Electronics Recycling (Canada) Co. Ltd (ERC) our goal is to find a common ground, with regards to the recycling efforts for Electronics Recycling (Canada) Co. Ltd and your company.

Electronics Recycling (Canada) Co. Ltd is always looking at the possibility of providing electronics, plastics, styro foam and the speciality items recovery program that would compliment your existing recycling programs. Our recycling service fees are based on the formulation of offsetting rates that are always less than that of the land fill costs. We provide recycling services to all levels of government, multinational corporations, institutions, local communities, electronic manufacturers, retailers, commercial, industrial and all other e-waste generators to eliminate e-waste from entering landfills and incinerators.

The Future of E-Cycling in Canada Electronics Disposal Bans: Nationwide, Provincial & Territorial When the Federal government receives recommendations from Electronics Product Stewardship Canada, it is expected to implement programs leading to the banning of prohibited electronics from landfill sites. This initiative is expected to lead Provincial Governments to require electronics manufacturers and E-waste generators to accept cradle-to-grave responsibility for their products. A total ban on all classes of E-Waste from transfer stations and landfills throughout Canada could occur as early as 2005, based on recommendations from EPS. The implementation of local E-Waste regulations will vary from Province to Province. It is anticipated that British Columbia will be the first to accept an electronics ban, thusly legislating a total ban of electronics form the landfills, perhaps as early as Quarter 1 of 2005. Alberta and Ontario are expected to follow shortly thereafter.

Company Profile Electronics Recycling (Canada) Co. Ltd. (ERC) specializes in the management and recycling of electronic, plastic and stryo foam waste. Our unique and proprietary ‘Closed Loop’ system, with manual disassembly as its cornerstone, focuses on environmentally friendly methods of handling e-Waste that require NO burning and NO land filling, and results in NO chemical leaching, with complete recycling of materials and zero pollution.

ERC has also widened its efforts to protect the environment and human health as well as reduce the demand for landfill space by adding the recycling of plastics and Styrofoam to its system. Among the plastics recycled are plastic film and shrink-wrap (see Plastic Acceptables by Grade). ERC supports, promotes and complies with international standards of environmental quality and regulatory compliance in its operations. It confidently issues certificates, ERC offers two certificate programs, a Certificate of Recycling and one Certificate of Destruction to assure clients that it assumes full environmental responsibilities and liabilities associated with all used or obsolete electronic products it takes from them. ERC’s goal is to keep toxic materials out of landfills, groundwater and the air we breathe while providing an economically viable means of recycling and recovering reusable materials. As a result, its processing methods follow globally accepted ‘best’ practices for recycling e-waste as well as the guidelines set by ISO standards.

Our goal is to provide an environmental solution to the waste generators by taking away their environmental liabilities. The ERC recycling process has zero waste and a complete reuse rate. We are looking forward to working with your company as one of our strategic partners in the development of this dynamic environmental program.

Consequently, please call me or I will give you a follow-up call in a few days after you have had an opportunity to review this information. This recycling initiative will save your company, on their bottom line as well provide the environmental benefits.


Jim Donaldson National Director of Marketing Mobile 416.881.5172 Hours of operation: 9 am: - 4:30 pm Mon – Fri Unit # 14 - 80 MIDWEST ROAD, SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO M10 4R2 CANADA PHONE: 416.285.0588 FAX: 416.285.7881

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Posted by: Naeem Choudhry on 3/22/04 Title: Re: Data Tape Recycling
Postnum: 51 EntryID:209
Does anybody have information on who would recycle Data tapes in the GTA(Greater Toronto Region)?

Posted by: sam on 12/10/04 Title: Re: Video Tape Recycling
Postnum: 51 EntryID:447
YES ,ERC(ONTARIO) does in scarborough (416)285-0588

Posted by: Paula on 6/29/05 Title: Re: Video Tape Recycling
Postnum: 51 EntryID:622
How about in the Vancouver area?



Posted by: Edison Pan on 8/3/05 Title: Re: Waste CD, DVD, VCD disk
Postnum: 51 EntryID:685
Does anyone know where can i buy waste CD, VCD, DVD disk in Toronto area or near Toronto?

Posted by: Emily on 8/17/05 Title: Re: Video Tape Recycling
Postnum: 51 EntryID:714
I just called ERC in Scarborough and was told that they do not recycle VHS video tapes. Does anybody else know of any companies who do?

Posted by: online directory main on 4/16/06 Title: online directory main
Postnum: 51 EntryID:1044
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Posted by: Teresa on 5/8/06 Title: Re: Video Tape Recycling
Postnum: 51 EntryID:1065
Where can video store owners take their millions of obsolete VHS tapes and/or their plastic cases to be recycled in the Kitchener/Toronto area?

Posted by: Cherri Hurst on 7/24/06 Title: Re: Video Tape Recycling
Postnum: 51 EntryID:1178
It will cost you but Vanguard Inc., 905-282-0560 in Mississauga will do it.

Posted by: Barry @ SKR on 7/31/06 Title: Re: Video Tape Recycling
Postnum: 51 EntryID:1188
If you can ship the media to us, and you do not require any additional services (erasing/secure destruction), we accept VHS, Cassettes, DVD,CDs other magnetic media, as well as other audio/video media (and related items) FREE of charge. We're located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Posted by: Cherri Hurst (Hurst Class Organizing) on 8/2/06 Title: Re: Video Tape Recycling
Postnum: 51 EntryID:1191
What do you do with the tapes? Can you give me an address to send them to?

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