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Posted by: Susan Simpson on 7/22/04 Title: Battey Disposal
Postnum: 85 EntryID:314
I work for a hearing aid company and we would like to know how to properly dispose/recycle hearing aid batteries - can someone please let me know who i should get in touch with?

Thanks so much :)


Posted by: Barry @ SKR on 7/23/04 Title: Re: Battey Disposal
Postnum: 85 EntryID:316
We accept such "button" type batteries, if you pay shipping to our facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Posted by: Susan on 7/23/04 Title: Re: Battey Disposal
Postnum: 85 EntryID:317
How much would shipping cost - and do you happen to know of any locations in Ontario?

Posted by: Chris Rahm on 7/23/04 Title: Re: Battey Disposal
Postnum: 85 EntryID:318

Contact a local Ministry of the Environment (MOE) licensed waste carrier. Check your yellow pages under either Hazardous Waste or Waste. You can also check with battery recycling companies. There are a number in the GTA if this is where you happen to be located. If complaince/due diligence is your primary concern, ask your waste hauler for a certificate of destruction detailing the final disposal/recycling implemented.

Barry - with all due respect, shipping costs from most regions of Canada to Manitoba are generally prohibitive in comparision to what it would cost to deal with the same materials locally, especially given that numerous local solutions for battery disposal and recycling exist throughout the Province of Ontario.


Posted by: Jennifer on 7/26/04 Title: Re: Battey Disposal
Postnum: 85 EntryID:320
Susan - our facility deals with a company in Port Colborne called Raw Materials Company for alkaline battery recycling using their "battery box" program. However they do advertise that they can take all kinds of batteries.

Their website is:

This is from their website:

R.M.C. offers Reverse Distribution Collection, for smaller sealed cell battery types. R.M.C. has a patented process in the United States and Canada to recycle alkaline type batteries. Our courier back box program is ideal for offices, commercial and industrial establishments, which generate small quantities of sealed cell batteries. Upon receipt of the order form and payment of $129.00 each (taxes included), boxes are shipped to customers with a plastic liner, instructions for assembly and a prepaid shipping waybill via U.P.S. Our boxes hold up to 20 KG's of sealed cell batteries.

The fee includes:

1. Delivery of lined container 2. Instructions 3. Sorting fee 4. Recycling fee 5. Return freight by courier 6. All applicable taxes

Posted by: Barry @ SKR on 7/27/04 Title: Re: Battey Disposal
Postnum: 85 EntryID:322
As mentioned before, we do accept these free of charge to you, but do require you to pay for shipping to Winnipeg. Shipping to Winnipeg is not costly, as Winnipeg is a cental shipping hub. We do not charge for accepting these, but obviously we add no extras in order to keep costs to you at a minimum. From what we understand, the small button style hearing aid & watch batteries can be shipped via UPS, but I would check with them for proper packaging to meet their regulations. Other companies & individuals have shipped them to us before. Other out of area companies have put them with their shipments to Winnipeg, whcih may or may not be an oiption for you. Do you work for Hastings by chance? If so, I believe they periodically ship here. Canada Post will not accept them for shipment at all, by the way. If you do find any local programs in Ontario, you will want to make sure they accept those 'button' style batteries, as there are many who do not, due to the metals (mercury, etc) & other materials within their compositon. We are unaware of any that do, but agian, we are not located in that market. The company that ends up with the batteries that we accumulate is not locoated there. (the comahy has large minimum weight requirements. Yes, they are located in a first world country, they are not being shipped to China or other third world centers, they will stay on our continent)

If you are in Northern Ontario, you will especially find that shipping to Winnipeg may well be cheaper make litel sense at times. We have shipped items 3 hours away that cost us more than shipping the same items 20 tiems teh distances away. Look into the options thoroughly before making any decisions. Shipping to Winnipeg is not exactly prohibitive as some believe. We have had companies shipping us material from Ontario for which their local recyclers charge substantial fees for pick-up & processing. Those fees apparently amount to more than the companies' transport costs for shipping the materials to us. Why? Well, it all comes down to various factors, such as area rental values, labor costs, etc. Our property values are lower; to maintain a good standard of living costs less (a nice house in a nice area of Winnipeg can cost as little as $110,000, houses top out at $1 mil, and that gets you a true mansion, etc). Compare this to Ontario which (generally) has higher property values, higher costs to maintain a comfortable standard of living, etc. These as well as other economical factors result in higher fees that recyclers charge, which are passed on to the consumer. Transportation costs can also actually be higher at times, due to the higher courier rates for local transport in urban centers. We're as competitive as the next guy, and the batteries will be dealt with properly.

If you do some research on your own as to all the options & their costs, I am sure you will find a viable alternative for the safe disposal of the batteries.

Posted by: Richard Unyi on 8/2/04 Title: Re: Battey Disposal
Postnum: 85 EntryID:323
Its nice to see our company promoted by others. Yes, our company offers many battery recycling options and we currently deal with companies all over the USA and Canada. We have a reverse distribution battery box or pail that holds about 45 pounds of batteries and is the easiest system to use. Check out our website, or give us a call at 1-888 WE REDUCE (937-3382). We can also handle and supply 45 gallon UN approved drums or any other means that you may require.

Kind regards


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