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Posted by: Mark Yetman on 8/23/04 Title: Styrofoam Coolers
Postnum: 90 EntryID:344
We recieve a number of styrofoam coolers of various size every week. Does anyone know of any reuse/recycling options for these?


Posted by: Barr @ SKR on 8/26/04 Title: Re: Styrofoam Coolers
Postnum: 90 EntryID:347
We may be interested in accepting these. Where are you located? And in what state of cleanliness are the coolers in? Former contents? IE: Did they contain something considered a Bio-hazard, something like fish or something else?

Posted by: Mark Yetman on 8/26/04 Title: Re: Styrofoam Coolers
Postnum: 90 EntryID:350
We are located in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador which I am sure is too far to make the transportation of these coolers feasible. The coolers are usually in very good shape, they are shipped to us containing perishible pharmacuticals that are contained inside inner packaging. The only soiling is some moisture from the ice pack. We reuse as many of the coolers as we can but always end up disposing of most of them. We also have the ice packs/gel packs that come in the coolers (staff take some of these home to use but there are always some thrown out).

Posted by: barry @ SKR on 8/26/04 Title: Re: Styrofoam Coolers
Postnum: 90 EntryID:351
Yes, really too far at this point. If we had materials coming from that area arelady that could be packed in the coolers it might be feasible. The ice/gel packs woudl have been of interest, also. Oh well.

Have you tried to contact some of the fisheries, or possibly independent operators? Sure they use styrofoam coolers to pack their product in for shipping...& the ice/gel packs might be of use to them, also....Just a thought.

Posted by: Andrea Coleman on 10/11/04 Title: Re: Styrofoam Coolers
Postnum: 90 EntryID:376
I know that a number of feral animal shelters desperately need them to create winter shelters for outdoor strays, as they provide the perfect insulation. If you contact your local no-kill animal shelters, I am sure they can relieve you of them in no time.

Posted by: Katia de Pena on 11/16/05 Title: Re: Styrofoam Coolers
Postnum: 90 EntryID:842
Yes! There are plans available on the Internet on how to make a Styrofoam box into a winter shelter for feral cats. Since most of the people doing this work are volunteers, and since there are, unfortunately, too many irresponsible pet owners out there, please contact the local organizations that deal with feral cats. I'm in Toronto, but I could use four or five right now. ALL cities have feral cat populations.

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